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Belongs to a group of one-sided percussion instruments. There is enough information about this instrument widespread in the  territory of Azerbaijan in workks on the classics, in  miniatures. Tambourine, perhaps, is the only instrument that could save its initial form up to our days. In the Middle Ages, it was used in the palace music parties. In many Eastern countries, for example, among the peoples of Central Asia different sizes of tambourine are widespread.  
Tambourine though is a membrane instrument but there are signs of belonging to the idiophonic instruments. Metal rings hung in its frame in some cases, four small bells, and makes unique sound timbre by being shaken. Tambourine was included in the orchestra of folk instruments by U.Hajibeyov as the main instrument, the composer himself wrote the first note of the party.
Singer keeps tambourine by both hands and with slaps and fingers plays the instrument. It is possible to get trel, tremola, mordent and others on this instrument with a wide range of performance possibilities. During performance of rang, daramad, tasnif and zarb mugams by trio the participation of tambourine is required.
Around the inner part of the  frame made of walnut tree a number of small copper rings with height of 60-70 are fixed. Tanned sturgeon skin is covered on the face with a special way. As fish skin is thin and transparent, its voice timbre is very charming. Width is 60-75 mm, and diameter is 350-450 mm. 

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