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She  was the famous leader and military commander of Massaget tribes in Azerbaijan. The main historical information is obtained from Heredot’s book “History”. Some scientists include her to the Scythian tribes. 
When the ruler of the Massagets died, his widow Tomiris came to power. Kir sent his messengers to her and said that he wanted to marry to her. However, Tomiris understood that his intention was not marriage but to occupy Massaget kingdom. Therefore, she declines his proposal. Kir saw that his plan failed and openly atacked the Massagets. He ordered to construct bridges from ships and to build towers on these ships in order to pass the Araz river.
When Tomoros saw that Kir did not listen to her advice, with her army she attacked the Persians. This was the greatest and boodiest fight of turks against the enemy. The Massagets gained victory. Nearly all the Persians died in the battle. Kir was killed as well. His 29 year ruling came to an end. Tomiris filled wine cup with human blood and ordered to find Kir’s corpse. He put Kir’s head into the blood and said: “Though I am alive, you killed me. I told you thank I will make you drink blood. Now, drink this human blood as much as you want”. 
The Massaget kingdom that Tomiris khatun led was established by his unknown husband in the Azerbaijan lands from Derbend till Shirvan in the same period with the Achaemenid Empire.
The Massagets were first dependant on the Madian state. After the Achaemenids occupied the lands of Turk Maday tribes, Massagets did not obey them and founded their own state. When centralized Caucasus government was established, the Massagets obeyed the Caucasus albans.

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