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Kh. Natavan


She was a woman ruler in Azerbaijan. Natevan was the last Garabakh ruler Mehdiqulu khan’s daughter, and Ibrahimkhalil khan’s granddaughter. From maternal side, she was from the dynasty of Gandja ruler Cavad khan. Her mother Bedircahan beyim was the daughter of Ziyad khan’s grandson Ugurlu bekh. As she was the only child of the family and the last heiress of the Karabakh khanates, she was called “Durru-yekta” (single pearl) in the palace, and “Khan qzi” (Daughter of the khan) among population. 
She was a personality with brilliant competence and advanced ideas. She had great services in the cultural and social life of Azerbaijan. 
Khurshidbanu Natevan was one of the great personalities of her time, she was well-known for her benevolance and philanthropy not only in Azerbaijan, but throughout the South Caucasus as well.  She helped the poor, built a water pipe to Shusha. The spring she built is famous with the name “Khan qizi”. 
Taking into account the suggestions of the poets, she established “Meclisi-uns” (i.e. meeting for friendship and attachment) in Shusha. She was the leader of the Mejlis and met all the expenditures. At that period, Khurshidbanu (the poetess was given the name of her grandmother, her grandmother was the native sister of Cavad khan of Gandja who was son of Ziyad khan Qajar) took the pseudonym of “Natevan”, i.e. “lonely”, “helpless”.
Besides well-known Garabakh poets, famous  singers and musicians participated in the “Majlisi-uns” as well.
Natevan’s creative activity is not limited with poetry. She was engaged in painting. Moreover, she had exquisite handcrafts, and embroideries in different genres. The works in the “Flower copybook” (1886) are the evidences of her artistic embroideries.

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