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Useful resources


Azerbaijan is famous for its oil and gas deposits. The fuel is extracted mainly in Absheron, the Caspian shelf, Baku and Absheron archipelago. In addition, the South-East Shirvan, the Central Aran (Muradkhanli and Mollakend), Gobustan, Jeyranchol, Ajinohur and Siyazan (Devechi) are also rich in oil and gas.
Muradkhanli field was formed in Mesozoic era, and others Cainozoe.
Skin diseases and rheumatism is treated with Naphthalene oil. Burning layers were found in  Gobustan and Ismayilli.
Azerbaijan is rich in ore deposits. The biggest iron ore deposit is in Dashkesen. Therefore, the Lesser Caucasus is called as the Urals of  Azerbaijan”. World important alunite deposits are available in Zaylik. Copper deposits are in Kelbejar and Gadabay.
Paragachay and Qapıchıq molybdenum deposits have an industrial importance. It was found in Bicahanak and Batabat. Polymetallic deposits are available in Gumushlu (Nakhichevan), Mehmana (Aghdara) and Filizchay (Balakan) fields. Barite oil extracted in village Chovdar is used in the oil industry. Nehram salt field in Nakhichevan has 1 billion ton of reserves. Lesser Caucasus’s sulfur pyritesare the great wealth.
Bentonite clay field in the Kazakh region, Agdag zeolite field in Tovuz region, Agjakend gypsum field in Goranboy region, limes in Gobustan, Absheron, Tovuz, travertine stones in Shahtakhty (Nakhchivan) and Kalbajar, marble of Dashkesan, quartz sands of Hajivelli have great economic importance.
More than 50 deposits of mercury have been found in the Lesser Caucasus. Sorbulaq, Agyataq and Lohcay fields are in Kelbejar 
Azerbaijan is a museum of mineral waters. Here, more than 10 types of mineral water is available. Istisu spring from Kelbejar is better than Czech Republic\'s famous Karlovy Vary the mineral spring in quality.
In addition, there are the many thermal springs in Azerbaijan.

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