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\"Gold Star\" medal



Description of medal “Golden Star”   Qızıl Ulduz

It was approved by Law of Azerbaijan Republic No 429-IQD dated Feb 6, 1998. 
Medal of “Qızıl Ulduz consists of eight- pointed star with sizes of 31,, 5 mm two sided smooth rays, and made of  yellow gold.
Its back side is smooth and words “The national Hero of Azerbaijan” were written in the middle.  Art the corner of the top ray the number of medal was carved. 
The medal is connected to tricolor ribbon of colors of Azerbaijani flag of size 27 mm x 20 mm by using ring and loop. There is a narrow metal board gilded in the top corner of the ribbon and element for fixation on dress
The mould is added of size 27 mm x 9 mm with element for fixation on dress, with description of State flag of Azerbaijan Republic

Oxunub: 200472