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\"For Motherland\" medal



Description of the medal of Azerbaijan Republic “For Motherland’

It was approved by Law No 34 dated Dec 8, 2000.
Medal For motherland cast of bronze, and consists of the round board of 36 mm of decoration along the circle. The State Emblem of the Azerbaijan Republic has been placed in the centre of the medal, and two crossing swords have been shown under it.  Vətən” word has been written along the circle. Writing and descriptions are salient. It has smooth back side surface, number of the medal was carved in the middle. Medal is connected to thin right-angled board wrapped up with ribbon of light dark and light oak color of size 27 mms x 43 mm. The lower side of the board has ringed right-angled protuberance described in the style of national ornament and relevant element in the back side bottom for fixing on dress. The medal has an element for being fixing on dress with same ribbon with crescent and star on it with mould of 27 mm 9 mm of size.

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