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Oil Rocks



Neft Dashlary is the city-type settlement and it has been included in the territory of the Khazar district of Baku. It was built near the “Black rocks” hardly seen from the Caspian Sea. This settlement, which had been located 42 km to south-east of Absheron peninsula have been built on metal piles that fixed to the bottom of the sea in a few metres of height on sea level. In Nov 7, 1949 Azerbaijani oil-industry workers for the first time in the world opened new page in own history by extracting hydrocarbons from the bottom of the sea. Very that day Caspian oil has sprung from 942 m of depths of the Neft Dashlary  field. It is necessary to note that the first oil have been received early XIX (the 1798-1830th years from  the Caspian (Bibi-Heybat). But industry production just had begun only in the 1925. So, in the sea depth of a few metres in Baku bay just one well was bored on wooden piles. 
But there was no connection of Neft Dashlary (in 110 kms from Baku) with shore. Neft Dashlary is famous as sea -miracle city. At the end of the 60-es the total length of piers fulfilling the duty of specific streets was over 200 kms. Radiotelephone communication connects Baku with Neft Dashlary. The helicopter is used for carriage of people, food-stuffs and other items. The Neft Dashlary, which has more than 2000 population, is the most east settlement of Azerbaijan.

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