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Baku State Circus



The history of national circus art in Azerbaijan is very old. Still in old times, power jugglery, trickery, acrobatics of today’s professional circus and the elements of other genres existed in the performances of jugglers and wrestlers, in national folk games as “Kovkan” and “Zorkhana”, in race competitions. 
The first circus – Zoo in Azerbaijan was constructed by famous Nikitin brothers in 90s of 19th century. 
As that circus building which was constructed of wood then burnt, a new circus building was constructed and was given to use in the other part of the city in 1905.
In 1945, National Circus Troupe of Azerbaijan was established for the first time. The troupe did not consist of only circus tricks, but also contained the performances of variety and ballet artists. During its activities, the troupe that consisted of the tricks of Enver Guliyev, “Star Sisters”, juggler Alikhan and other artists went to tours in the former Soviet Union territory and Africa, Asia, America, and Europe with the program called “Light from the Top”. 
In 1967, the current building of Baku State Circus was given to use by the architects E.Ismayilov and F.Leontyev. 
Today, Baku State Circus is one of the most famous circuses in the World. Foreign famous circus troupes also perform successfully together with national circus masters on its stage. 

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