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Baku Zoo Park was established on January 2, 1942. According to the information, different efforts were made to establish such kind of a park in Baku. In 1928, such kind of a place existed in the former Lunacharski Park, currently Nizami Park in Baku. 
Zoo park carries out such an important role of creating the living genofund of animal types that are rare or extinct, keeping and breeding them. 
The genofund of animals peculiar to different climatic zones of the world are also gathered in the Baku Zoo Park except ordinary, rare, and instinct animals of the Azerbaijan fauna. 
There are 4 departments in the Baku Zoo Park: (zoological, ornithology, aquarium, and terrarium). 
The collection of Baku Zoo Park include 1193 heads of animals, birds, reptiles, and fish of 168 species, as well as, 193 mammals of 47 species, 400 heads of birds of 70 species, 34 heads of reptiles of 11 species, 4 heads of amphibians of 2 species, 562 fish of 38 species are preserved  in this park. 
In the Baku Zoo Park the following animals not peculiar to our nature are preserved: African lion, Amur tiger, jaguar, leopard, red wolf, Arctic wolf, Scottish pony, maned sheep, European roe, pavian gamadril, tirendaz, ordinary big-nosed raccoon, flying Egyptian dog, Nile crocodile, African ostrich, parrots. The species of animals that are becoming extinct, rare and that have the names in the Red Book are brought to the Baku Zoo Park and preserved here. The Mediterranean turtle is preserved not only in Azerbaijan but also in the world. Baku Zoo Park is the member of the “Eurasian Regional Zoo Parks and the Association of Aquariums” since 1995. 

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