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Capital Boulevard



History of the boulevard of Baku begins with decision taken out in the 1909 at Baku city Duma. The idea boulevard belonged to an engineer of city Duma Mammad Hajınski. Arable land from outside, rare plants had been brought here from different regions of Azerbaijan, even from Europe during two years. During 1950-60-es Mirvari, Bahar cafes, summer cinema named after Samad Vurgun,  Venice water town and some other rests objects have been built here in 1950-60th years in the boulevard.
Presently the length of the park is 3 kilometers 750 meters. But width of the some places from coast to Neftchciler ave. is 350 and some is 500. The National Park begins from Azneft square, Palace of hand games and ends near the Sea port. The National flag of Azerbaijan gets waved in the beginning of the National Park.
In Jan 10, 2008 the Seaside Boulevard Dept. has been created under the Cabinet of Ministers. 

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