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Material–cultural examples



Azerbaijan culture has rich and ancient history. The archaeological findings discovered at excavations, jewelry items, gems passed from generations to generations, Azerbaijani national dresses, carpets and rugs, sewn items, copper works, money and coins of ancient and the middle ages, oriental weapons, archeological findings are material-cultural wealth of Azerbaijanis. The rich cultural heritage included in the global cultural treasury and existed during millenniums in the territory of Azerbaijan is kept in the museums at present. The same ancient things prove once again that Azerbaijan is one of cradles of ancient culture. 
Ancient and the medieval history of Azerbaijan is studied using the life manner of our great ancestors, labor activities, their struggling methods, thinking manner, the material-cultural examples informing on relations with other peoples, countries and cities. Numerous rare things covering all stages of the history starting from the Stone Age to recent medieval ages have been found and studied. 
Exhibits included in material- cultural examples of Azerbaijan are kept in different profiles museums like history museums, museum of local lore, memorial museums of figures of art and literature, science, politics, culture and the museums of military- patriotic glory. At present there are 1 million 98 thousand items in 229 museums of the country as a whole. We bring the same exhibits to your attention:

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