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Rugs and carpet-making work



You may watch at below listed material cultural examples from section of  Photos related to article at the bottom of the page according to serial number:

1. Bico part (Shirvan) of the fleecy (fine hairy) rug
2. Qazakh fleecy rug. XX century. Kazakh
3. Bico fleecy rug. XIX century. (Shirvan)
4. Khanlıq part of the fleecy rug. Karabakh
5. Horse-cloth , high-pitched technique) –rug products without nap, XIX century
6. Curtain of XIX century from the rug without nap
7. Qollu cici part of the fleecy rug (Guba)
8. Part of the rug without nap 
9. Gobustan fleecy rug, XIX century. (Shirvan)
10. Saddle-bag (kilim technique) XIX century
11. Part of the rug technique without nap. XIX century (Kazakhi)
12. Shykhly fleecy rug XIX century. (Kazakh)
13. Plotted rug, XIX century. (Karabakh)
14. Part of the fleecy rug (Tabriz)
15. Shilyan part of the fleecy rug(Shirvan)
16. Shakhnazarli part of the fleecy rug(Guba)
17. Şilyan fleecy rug. XIX century. (Shirvan)
18. Nakhchıvan fleecy rug. XVIII century. (Tabriz, South Azerbaijan)
19. Sirtcici fleecy rug. XIX century (Guba)
20. Hunting fleecy plotted rug. XIX century. (Tabriz, South Azerbaijan)
21. Part of carpet «Hunting . (Tabriz)
22. Qırız fleecy rug, XVIII century (Guba)
23. Rug without nap (technique high-pitched tone) XIX century (Baku)
24. Saddle-bag (the technique) XVIII century
25. Part of the rug without nap. ((the high-pitched technique)
26. Qashad fleecy rug, XIX century. (Shirvan)
27. Qolu cici part of the fleecy rug. (Guba)
28. Sania plotted fleecy rug, XIX century. (Tabriz, South Azerbaijan)
29. Qolu cici fleecy rug. XVIII century (Guba)
30. Namazlıq, religious fleecy rug. XIX century. (Shirvan)
31. Qarabagh part of the fleecy rug. (Karabakh)
32. Saddle-bag. XIX century
33. Qarabagh fleecy payandaz (doormat) XIX century (Karabakh)
34. Rug without nap (kilim technique) XVIII century (South Azerbaijan)
35. Khila-buta fleecy rug, XIX century (Baku)
36. Zili rug without nap, XIX century (Baku)
37. Salmasud fleecy rug, XVIII century (Guba)
38. Saddle-bag. XX century
39. Fleecy rug, XIX century. (Shirvan)
40. Shykhly fleecy rug, XIX century. (Gazakh)
41. Rug without nap (the high-pitched tone technique) XIX century (Baku)
42. Fleecy rug, XIX century (Guba)
43. Three brothers fleecy plotted rug (on the basis of Melik-Mammad tale) XVIII century (Garabakh)
44. Curtain (kilim technique) of XIX century rug without nap. (Garabakh)
45. Curtain (kilim technique) of XIX century rug
46. Shahnazarli part of rug without nap(Guba)
47. Khila-buta fleecy rug XVIII century (Baku)
48. Shahnazarli fleecy rug. XIX century (Guba)
49. Small flower fleecy rug XIX century (Guba)
50. Fleecy rug, XX century (Guba)
51. Part of the fleecy rug. (Eclecmic)
52. Horse-cloth fleecy rugs (zilli technique) , XIX century
53. Fleecy rug (eclecmic), XX century
54. Fleecy rug, XVIII century (Iran)
55. Mafrash- rug products without nap, XIX century
56. Molla-Kamallı fleecy rug, XIX century (Guba)
57. Fleecy rug (kilim technique) XIX century (Gazakh)
58. Fleecy rug, XX century (Guba)
59. Small flower fleecy rug XIX century (Guba)
60. Bag from rug (varni technique) XIX century
61. Qaratpirabadil fleecy rug, XVIII century (Guba)
62. Shirvan part of the fleecy rug, XVIII century (Shirvan)
63. Sattar-khan fleecy with (a) plot rug, XX century (Karabakh)
64. Khilafat fleecy rug, XIX century (Baku)
65. Curtain from  rug (yarni technique) XIX century (Baku)
66. Fleecy rug, XIX century (Guba)
67. Fleecy plotted rug, XIX century (Karabakh)
68. Fleecy rug, XIX century (Guba)
69. Rug curtain (kilim technique) XVIII century
70. Saddle-bag. (Fleecy technique), XIX century
71. Khan cheshna fleecy rug, XIX century. Guba
72. Shakhanazarli fleecy rug, XIX century (Guba)
73. Saddle-bag (fleecy technique) XIX century
74. Saddle-bag (fleecy technique) XIX century
75. Fleecy plotted rug, XIX century (Shirvan)

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