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Ancient moneys (coins)



You may watch at below listed material cultural examples from section of  Photos related to article at the bottom of the page according to serial number:

1. Tetradrahma, silver
2. Dirhams (early~coin~galim) to cut money, coins, silver
3. Dirham (coin late) silver
4. Tetradrahma, silver
5. Tetradrahma, silver
6. Tetradrahma, silver
7. Aures, gold
8. Macedonia, Alexander the great  (336-323 BC) tetradrahma, silver
9. Frankia, Lisimakh (323-281 BC) tetradrahma, silver
10. Seleucia, VII Antiox (138-129 BC) tetradrahma, silver
11. Pont, VI Mitridat ( 121-63-BC) Tetradrahma, silver
12. Parthia, III Artaban (10-38), dirham, silver
13. Baktria, Eucratide (171-155) Tetradrahma, silver
14. Athens, anonymous ( III century BC) tetradrahma, silver
15. Rim, August (27) dinar, silver
16. Sasanid, II Khosrov (591-628 ) NAKHCH, 27 years, dirham, silver
17. Sasanid, NAKHCH,  the 27th year, dirham, silver (the 630-631th year)
18. Arab caliphate, anonymous Arran, the 89th year, dirham, silver
19. Arab caliphate, anonymous Azerbaijan, the 168th year, dirham, silver
20. Sasanides, II Varakhran (the 276-293th years) dirham, silver
21. Byzantium, II Feodosi (the 408-450th years) solid, gold
22. Byzantium, İraklı and İrakli Constantine (the 610-641th years) gexagramma, silver
23. Governor Omayad, Ubaydulla (the 673-683th years) the 62th year, dirham, silver
24. Governor Omayad, Al-Hajjaj (the 695-703th years) the 108th year, dirham, silver
25. Shirvanshah, II Yazid (the 991-1027th years) Al-Yazid, dirham, silver
26. Shirvanshah, I Manuchehr (the 1027-1034th years) dirham, silver
27. Shirvanshah Abu-Mansur Ali the (1034-1044th years), dirham, silver
28. Shirvanshah anonymous Al Yazidin, the 150th year, copper
29. Sajis, Al-Afshin (the 889-901th years) Barda, the 285th year, dirham, silver
30. Sajis, Daysam (the 934-954th year), Azerbaijan, the 341th year, dirham, silver
31. Sajis, Mufliq (?-932th il), Ardabil, the 320th year, dirham, silver
32. Salaris, Nukh and Vakhsudan (965?Il), Ardabil, the 355th year, dirham, silver
33. Shaddadisr, Shavir (the 1094-1067th year), Ganja, the 443th year, dirham, silver
34. Shirvanshhas, Shahanshash (the 1196-1199th year) copper
35. Shirvanshahs, III Manuchehr (the 1120-1160th year) copper
36. Shirvanshahs, Garshasb (the 1204-1225th year) copper
37. Azerbaijan and Aran Seljug governors, Gara-Sunkur (? -1141), dirham, copper
38. Azerbaijan and Aran Seljug governors, Javli (the 1141-1146th year) dirham, copper
39. Azerbaijan and Aran Seljug governors, Khasbey (the 1141-1146th year) dirham, copper
40. Eldegiz, İldegiz (the 1136-1175th year) dirham, copper
41. Eldegiz, gold lion (the 1186-1191th year) dirham, copper
42. İldegiz, Abu Bekir (the 1211-1225th year) dirham, copper
43. İldegiz, Uzbek (the 1210-1225th year) dirham, copper
44. Ak-sunkurids, Korpa-Arslan (the 174-1208th year) copper
45. Bishkinis, Bishkin (the 1155-1210th year) copper
46. Bishkinis, Mahmud (year 1210) dirham, copper
47. İldeqiz vassal, İlkafshat, copper
48. İldegiz vassal, Manklı (? -1215), dirham, copper
49. İldegiz vassal, Derbend malik (XII-XIII century) copper
50. Chingız, anonymous, Tabriz, the 659th year, dirham, silver
51. Khulagis, Khulagi (the 1256-1265th year) the 661th year, dirham, silver
52. Khulagis, Khudabanda Mahammad (the 1304-1316th year) Nakhchivan the 704th year, dirham, silver
53. Khulagisr, Abu-Said (the 1316-1335th year) Barda, the 721th year, dirham, silver
54. Muzaffaris, Shah-Shujda (the 1359-1384th year) Nakhchivan, the 704th year, dirham, silver
55. Juchis, Toktamysh, Shabran (the 1376-1391th year), the 789th year dirham, silver
56. Jalaris, Huseyn (the 1375-1382th year) Baku, Bazaar, Gara-aghaj, Qar-qar, Şabran, the 777-781th year, dirhams, silver
57. Teymuris, Shahrukh(the 1404-1447th year) Astara, the 840th year, tanqa, silver
58. Kharaqoyunlu. Qara-Yusif (the 1410-1420th year) Urmi, tanqa, silver
59. Kharaqoyunlu. Jahan-shah (the 1437-1467th year) the 868th year, tanqa, silver
60. Aggoyunly, Rustam (the 1491-1496th year) husband, the 900th year, tanqa silver
61. Aggoyunly, Mahammad (the 1500-1501th year) tanqa silver
62. Aggoyunly, Alvand (the 1499-1502th year) tanqa silver
63. Shirvanshahsr, Farrukh-Yassar (the 1462-1502th year) Shamakhy, 891. tanqa, silver
64. Safavids, I Ismayil (the 1502-1524th year) Army, the 913th year, 10 shah, silver
65. Safavids, I Ismayil (the 1502-1524th year) Ashraf of Tabriz, gold
66. Safavids, I Ismayil (the 1502-1524th year) Ganja, 2 shah, silver
67. Safavids, I Ismayil (the 1502-1524th year) Kharat, the 916th year, 4 shah, silver
68. Safavids, II Ismayil (the 1576-1578th year) Shamakhy, the 984th year, 2 shah, silver
69. Safavids, Mahammad Khudabanda (the 1578-1587th year) Ordubad, the 892th year, Mahammadi, silver
70. Safavids, I Huseyn (the 1694-1722th year) Tabriz, the 1128th year, panjshahs, silver
71. Safavids, I Huseyn (the 1694-1722th year) Nakhchivan the 1130th year, twenty-copeck piece, silver
72. Afharids, Shahrukh (the 1748-1796th year) Ganja, the 1163th abbas, silver
73. Baburis, Mahammad-shah (the 1719-1748th year) Atava, the 1131th year, rupee, silver
74. Nakhchivan khan, anonymous Nakhchivan, the 1190th year, twenty-copeck piece, silver
75. Karabakh khan, anonymous, Panahabad, the 1199th year, twenty-copeck piece, silver
76. Ganja khanate, anonymous, Ganja, the 1189th year, abbas, silver
77. Ganja khanate, anonymous, Ganja, the 1189th year, 1/2 twenty-copeck pieces and twenty-copeck piece, silver
78. Ganja khanate, anonymous, Ganja, the 1189th year, fulis, copper
79. Shaki khanate, anonymous, Shaki, the 1123th year, twenty-copeck piece, silver
80. Sheki khanateı, anonymous Nukha, fulus, copper
81. Shaki khanate, anonymous Shaki 1207th year, 1/2  abbasi - twenty-copeck pieces, silver
82. Shirvan khanate, anonymous Shamakhy,  1189th year, twenty-copeck piece, silver
83. Khanate of Baku, fulusi, copper
84. Guba khanate, Guba, 1223th year, twenty-copeck piece, silver
85. Derbend khanate, Derbend, twenty-copeck piece, silver

Oxunub: 132813