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Baku school


Baku carpet-making school combines in self Novkhani, Fatmai, Nardaran , Bulbula, Mardakan villages. They distinguish with softness of cloth, intensive colors, high painting taste and delicacy of performance. This school covers 10 compositions.
Very often medallions can be found in the composition of the carpet. Baku school includes Khyzy region , which located outside the area and Qadi, Hil, Kesh, Fındıghan etc. carpet making centers. Majority of the carpets bear the names of the village, where it woven. Khilabuta, Khila-afshan, Novkhanı, Surakhanı, Qala, Bakı, Goradil, Fatmayı, Fındıghan, Qadi etc carpets included here.


Oxunub: 61987