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Gazakh school


Gazakh carpet making school encompasses the region of Gazahh, as well as adjacent Azerbaijani-populated villages of Georgia such as Borchaly and, until the 1988, Goycha carpet making center in Armenia. Gazakh carpet making center includes Gazakh and its adjacent villages, Aghstafa and Tovuz regions. Goycha carpet making center covers villages of Bambak, Lambaly, Ijevan, Garagoyunlu and area around the Goycha (present Sevan lake) lake. Borcahly carpet making center includes villages of Borchkaly, Garayazy, Garachop and Gackaghan.  
Gazakh group includes carpets like , Shykhly carpet, Borchaly carpet, Qaymaqly carpet, Qaraqoyunlu carpet, Garayazy carpet, Garachop carpet, Gachaghan carpet, Daghkasaman carpet, Demirchiler carpet, Kamarli carpet, Goychali carpet, Salahlı carpet.  
Patterns of  Ganja-Gazakh carpets had drawn an attention  of European painters even in Middle Ages and it were reflected in works of Carlo Crivello, Italian painter  of XV century, “News”, German painter Hans Holbein (XV century) “Ambassadors ”  

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