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Shirvan school


Shirvan carpet making school includes carpets woven in Shamakhy, Maraza, Aghsu, Kurdamir etc. This school consolidates 25 compositions.   Salyan carpets having similar art and technical features, were also included in this school. Shirvan group includes carpets like   Maraza carpet, Qobustan carpet, Shirvan carpet, Kurdamir carpet, Shilyan carpet, Shiralibey carprt, Chukhanlı carpet,Bijo carpet, Sor-Sor carpet, Hajıqabul carpet etc. compositions.  
German, English traders and ambassadors had informed about the art value of Shirvan carpets in VI-VIII centuries in their diaries. These carpets were reflected in works of European painters of XIV-XV centuries. Dutch painter Hans Memling (XV century) had reflected Shirvan carpet in his work “Mariam with baby”.    


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