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Tabriz school


Tabriz school can be divided into 2 semi groups: 
The following famous carpets have been included into Tabriz group: Tabriz, Qeris, Lachakturunj, Afshan, Aghajalı, Dord fasil.
But Ardabil group is famous with carpets Ardabil, Sheikh Safi, Sarabi, Shah Abbası, Mir. This group had reached highest development level and got art and technical features, which later by passing of time became known outside Azerbaijan, too.

Some examples from Tabriz carpet-making school
Carpet Ovchuluq-Tabriz, 1522-1523, Museum of Poldi-Peccolis, Milan
Carpet Heyvani-Tabriz, XVI century, Museum of Victoria and Albert, London
Carpet Heyvani-Tabriz, middle of XVI century, Metropolitan art museum, New York
Plotted carpet-Applied art museum, Budapest
Carpet Heyvani-Tabriz, middle of XVI century, Museum of decorative art, Paris
Carpet Heyvani-Tabriz, XVI century, Collection of Clarence Moski
Carpet Batlle of Rustam with Ashkavus-Tabriz, early of XX century, State art museum of eastern carpets, Moscow.


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