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Nakhichevan school


Since times immemorial, Nakhchivan was among Azerbaijan\'s established artistic, commercial and cultural hubs, famous for its decorative and applied arts. Carpet weaving was among the leading artisan trade in the area.
Places like Nakhchivan, Shahbuz, Ordubad and Julfa were the centers of piled and pileless carpet weaving for centuries, using both woof and silk for their production.
As it was the case in Garabagh, Dast-Khaly-Gebe carpet sets were very popular here as well, with an overall area of coverage reaching 20-30 square meters. In the mean¬time, typical of Nakhchivan were long, narrow and striped carpets with geometric, vegetal and zoomorphic ornaments. The Dragon carpets from Nakhckivan (18-19 centuries) notable for their rich and versatile compositions, are nowadays found in Istanbul.
Size of the Nakhchivani carpets varies from. 2 to 20 square meters. Some huge works up to 25-30 square meters in size are not uncommon either. Density of the Nakhchivani rugs ranges at 30x30 to 40x40 knots per square decimeter (90-160 thou-sand knots in a square meter), while pile varies between 6-io millimeters.


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