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Network in the windows of Sheki Khan Palace, built in the XVIII century, is the most beautiful example of the fine network art. Beautiful network compositions in palace besides preserving its two-century old view with colorful patterns, causes the interest of a large number of tourists coming here today for their brightness. As the art of network is closely connected to architecture, it has mostly the monumental character. Network is one of the difficult areas of decorative and applied art which demand special skills, experience and technology. Feature of the network is that the glue and nails are not used in figures. The frames made from wood and decorated with colored glass are used instead of doors and windows. Usually, masters of the network prefer traditional natural ornaments. Presently shabaka is used in restoration of giant monuments and even in new buildings. Orders for hotels, monuments are performed by shabaka masters. Shabaka works in Tazabey bath in Baku are works of master Sotlan. One of the well-known shabaka masters of Shaki  is Tofiq Rasulov. He had learned this art from his father and till date he is engaged in this profession. 

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