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Takalduz is one of specific decorative professions. In XIX century Shaki town has been center of takalduz art of the ancient land of Azerbaijan. 
Material manufactured domestically or abroad from red, black and dark blue velvet and cloth was used as the basis for this art.
In literal sense, it gives a meaning of to row with one hand and mostly men were engaged in this business. Thus, when to write a letter to the houses of those who are in prisons and being in travel was not allowed, so they used takalduz. As each decorative sewing had expression of some phrase, they could “write” a letter with few characters, and send families. The ancient art of takalduz is woven on velvet and wool cloth with one hand.
But knitting on gobelin style had been worked on linen. Takalduz is the art demanding tenderness and time. Sometimes one work takes 3-4 months. Silk threads are used in works. Mostly arakhcin (caps), bags, pillow covers, table-cloths are manufactured. 

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