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Water transport


For Azerbaijan having no direct access to the world ocean using the water transport from the Caspian Sea is very important. Marine transport is very important for maintaining relations the Caspian basin countries and for marketing their oil to world markets via Azerbaijan. The shortest way from eastern regions of Russia and Central Asian countries to Azerbaijan passes namely via the Caspian Sea. 
Baku is not only the biggest sea port in the republic, but also in the Caspian Sea. Therefore the cargo and passengers are transported here. Baku-Turkmenbashi and Baku-Bekdas (length 302 km) is a cargo and passenger ferries. Baku-Turkmenbashi-ship-ferry line has been working since 1962. The distance between these two cities is 343 km. For Azerbaijan\'s relations with Caspian countries the Baku-Makhachkala, Bak-Astrakhan, Baku-Anzali and the Baku-Manqıstau and Baku-Aktau marine lines are of great importance. Oil, oil products, food, timber are transported on them.

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