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Air transport


In 1924, with the opening of the Baku-Tbilisi air route the foundation for the air transport in Azerbaijan was laid. This area is rapidly developing in the process of the republic gained independence and expansion of relations with foreign countries. Previously Azerbaijan had a air links with the CIS countries but now our planes fly to many countries in Europe and Asia. 
The most important air port of the republic is located in Baku. By construction of its new complex (September 30, 1999), the service of passengers increased, aircraft take-off opportunities had been expanded. Ganja and Nakhchivan airports were also reconstructed. 
Within the republic airports of Ganja, Nakhchivan, Yevlakh, Sheki, Lankaran and other cities, and helicopter landing areas play an important role in air transport. 
Aviation is used to maintain contacts with the mountainous regions, transport cargo and emergency transportation of patients, as well as to combat parasites in agriculture.  

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