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Road transport


Significant changes in the development of automobile transportation of Azerbaijan is the increase of its role in international cargo shipping. The car transport links Azerbaijan with neighboring countries Iran and Turkey. In addition, it has a lot of importance in the transportation of agricultural products. 
The highways in republic are consistent with the directions of railway lines. The length of Baku-Gazakh road is 493 km, the Baku-Guba road’s length is 185km, the Baku-Astara road’s length is 312 km. The branches are separated from them in different direction. Yevlakh-Balakan, Yevlakh-Lachin, the Baku-Shamakhi-Kurdamir, Yevlakh-Agjabedi-Bahramtapa roads are selected according to their importance. 
Now, all the administrative regions of the republic connected with the capital  by roads. The total lengths of these roads are 24.9 thousand km and from them 23.1 thousand km is of hard surface. Although the road transport is an important means of communication in mountainous regions, but their network is very rare, and solid coating is less. 
Long, suburban and intercity passenger transportation plays an important role in car transport. Now the taxi and buses in car parks of the cities and regional centers were mainly privatized. 
With putting for use a new bus station in Baku (December 1998), the passenger service has been improved. As a result, road links of capital with other cities of the republic had been expanded. 

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