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Electronic transport


Electric transport is used for supply of produced electric power to consumers. To provide household objects and people with continuous electric power a single energy network was established in Azerbaijan in 1954. This system was linked to Russias and Georgian energy network, and recently to the Iranian and Turkish energy system. Energy is supplied to Georgia, and it is received from Iran and Turkey for Nakhichevan. 
Voltages are various electrical transmission lines. For supply of Apsheron region with electric power Mingachevir-Baku, Shirvan, Baku, electric transmission lines with 220 kW voltage were installed. It is joined with 330 kW voltage, 250 km length of the second Mingachevir-Baku (from Azerbaijan Power electric station) and Shirvan-Baku electric transmission line.  
To connect energy system of Azerbaijan with the Georgia\'s energy system, to provide the administrative regions with power the electric transmission line was constructed from Mingechevir and Shirvan to Agstafa. The line from Mingachevir has a tension of 500 kW. It  was commissioned in 1987. Khudat-Baku, Baku-Lankaran, Yevlakh- Sheki –Balakan, Shirvan - Sabirabad-Fuzuli-Aghdam are main trunk lines for transmission of power. From them branches are separated for supply of energy to different settlements. 
Baku, Yevlakh, Ganja, Shirvan, town, Taxes, Julfa, Laki, Hajigabul, Khachmaz are Azerbaijan’s main transport networks. 

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