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The State Customs Committee


Customs of Baku initially was founded in 1809, by the Decree of Senate of the Russian Empire dated January 25, 1807 and was included in the composition of the Customs Division of Astrakhan. In 1918-1920 the Customs functioned under the Ministry of Finance of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and significant changes occurred in its functions.  
Since 1832 this organization got its name as Baku storage customs. During 1956-1988 different changes were made in the structure of Baku customs.
Customs of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established in 1989. The body operated under of the Baku Customs of Main Dept of State Customs Control under the Council of Ministers of the USSR. After the restoration of the independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan in January 1992, the State Customs Committee of Republic of Azerbaijan was established by presidential decree.
The State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the central executive body carrying out state policy in the area of customs business.

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