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The State Statistical Committee


Statistical agencies of different ministries had been established during the rule of the People\'s Republic of Azerbaijan in connection with statistics. These structures functioned as Department of Statistics within the Ministry of the State Property and Agriculture in 1918, the Bureau of Statistics in Ministry of Agriculture in 1919.
In September 28, 1928, the Central Executive Committee and the Council of People\'s Commissars of Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic had approved the new regulations on establishment of the Central Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan SSR. In 1987, the Central Statistical Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan tuned to the State Statistics Committee of Republic of Azerbaijan and the Regulation on the State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan SSR was approved by Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic dated March 30, 1988. 
In Feb 18, 1994, the new law of Republic of Azerbaijan “On Statistics” was signed in Geneva on April 15, 1992, in view of all requirements of ”Basic principles of  official statistics in the region of   ”Economic Commission for Europe approved by Decision of the 47th session of the Session of Economic Commission for Europe.
The State Statistical Committee is the central executive body forming of official statistics data connected with social, economic, demographic and ecological situation in the country and regulating it.

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