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The State Committee for Securities


The establishment of a securities market in Azerbaijan dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century. As early as in 1900 the promissory notes and interest were issued by banks functioning in Baku. The first shares had been issued in 1913 upon the approval of the charter of Baku Commerce Bank. 
Market of promissory notes developed during the period of Azerbaijan Democratic, but its was limited during the period of Soviet power. Securities market in the USSR was revived in 1922 again with the transition to the New Economic Policy.
After the independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan on December 30, 1998 the State Committee for Securities under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan was created for purposes to develop the country\'s securities market.
Committee deals with the adoption of normative acts related to the regulation of the securities market, emission and circulation of securities, activities of participants of securities market and investment funds, market of securities issued debt, licensing of relevant activities.
The National Depository Center was established since Sep 18, 1997 with the purposes of creation and functioning of Depository services of the securities market. 

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