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\"Independence\" order



Description of “Istiqlal” order 

According to Law Istiglal order is made of two silver layers of eight pointed stars placed on each other in proportion to symmetrical axis. The top one is colored with blue color and has an image of a bird with stretched wings. Between the wings, an eight pointed star with a word İstiqlal (Sovereignty) on top of it is engraved. The bird, star and Istiglal words engravements are in pure gold. The rear side of the order is polished and has an engraved order number. The set of award consists of: 
- to hang on neck the width is 27 mm, blue pattern band, 50 mm sized order;
 - to fix at dress element with 5 edged size 27 mm x 47,5 mm blue pattern band with hook and pin, size of order is 35 mm;
-  to fix at dress element with blue pattern, with engravement of fire, mould size 27 mm x 9 mm    

Oxunub: 31147