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\"Heydar Aliyev\" order



Description of “Heydar Aliyev” order 

It was approved by Law 896- IIQ of President of Azerbaijan Republic dated  April 22, 2005. The sword star and sword chain of the order of Heydar Aliyev is given as per rule defined in the 32nd Clause of the 109th Article of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic. According to Law star of order of Heydar Aliyev is fixed at left side of breast and in case of existing of other orders and medals of Azerbaijan Republic, before it. 
According to Law No 896-IIQ of Azerbaijan Republic dated Apr 22, 2005, the Order of Heydar Aliyev” consists of star, order chain and badge. Star and chain of the Order of Heydar Aliyev is with sword and without sword. Star intended for fixing of the order on breast was made of silver and is in the form eight edged star. Corners of the star have been worked in the form of flower shawls. Distance between contrary tips of the star is 82 mms. A round plate with wave form circle was placed on the star. 
Star with sword passes over the four of edges of same plate star and stops at two crossing swords. Swords was made of silver and gilded. Length of the each sword is 82 mm, and width is 4 mms. Brilliant stone have been fixed at handle of each sword. Bas-relief of Heydar Aliyev was given on polished plate at round medallion in the middle of circled wave form plate. The plate was made of 750 standard of gold. The medallion was encircled inside ring with forty-two brilliants stone on it. At top of middle circle enameled with red, which turns around inside circle, words of  Heydar Aliyev have been written with distinct golden letters, but lower part was adorned with three brilliant stones inside of rhombus formed ornament and   there are green enameled arched two strips between it. Middle circle ring is encircled with wave form outside ring of blue color; twenty brilliant stones have been fixed in the inside of triangle engraves.
The sign of Order of Heydar Aliyev, which comes to breast while hanging it on neck, is of backings in the form of white enameled ornament. Brilliants have been fixed to element being in the form of red enameled stars of the ornament. Blue enameled quadruple ornament is located on backings. Brilliant stones have been fixed to the each of the four edges of the ornament. Backing and ornament on it was made of silver and covered with gilding water. Plate prepared from 750 standard of gold was placed in the central part of the Order. Strong red enamel has been made at plate. Bas-relief of Heydar Aliyev prepared from 750 standard of gold was placed in the centre of the plate. Bas-relief has been crossed with correct geometrical shaped frame in the form of two squares. One hundred twelve brilliants stone have been fixed onto the squares. Frame was made of silver and gilded. Height of the order is 67 mm, width is also 67 mm. Chain of the order consists of fifteen elements laid in the definite order. The same elements are the following:
- two decorated plates with blue, red and green enamels, consisting of  crossed flags located in left and right sides of chain. There is a description of the National flag of the Azerbaijan Republic in the centre of the plate; 
- two quadruple ornament with white enamel located at  right and left side of chain.   Round medallion has been placed in its centre and it has been braced with enameled red ornament. There is monogram with initials of Heydar Aliyev written in the centre of the medallion. Transversal silver swords have been placed in the swordy chain with under the medallion; 
- three plates with description of the State Emblem of the Azerbaijan Republic at the right and left sides of chain, as well as worked with blue, red and green enamel and located on top  
Given elements were joined to wide chain with plates decorated with one hundred twelve brilliants (being seven brilliant stone at each of sixteen plates).
The rear part of Order is superficial smooth, number of the order was carved on it, and there is corresponding element for fixing at dress. 
525 standard 533.29 grams of silver, 999 standard 3.89 grams of silver, 750 standard 57.42 grams of gold, 999 standard 6.42 grams of gold, total 8 brilliant gems of 0.83 carats, 224 brilliant gems of 5.34 carats, total 67 brilliants of 1 carat and in general 299 brilliants have been used on preparation of this Order.

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