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The \"Glory\" order



Description of “For services to Motherland” order 

It was approved by Law 514- IIQ of President of Azerbaijan Republic dated Nov 7, 2003. 
Order For services to Motherland is a composition of eight pointed star that shines everywhere. 
The national emblem of Azerbaijan was described on the top center of the project.  The order consists of face level, the eight pointed star covers two squares, and the national Emblem of Azerbaijan was described in its center.  The words “For services to Motherland” were described on the top of the coat of arms.  All words and images are salient. 
There are 3 levels of the order For services to Motherland: Its 1st level is mad o f gold,  2nd level is of silver and the 3rd level is of bronze. The sizes of the order are 35 mm x 35 mm. 
The back side of the order is with polished surface, the number of the order was engraved in its middle. 
Order is attached on dress with red-black, dark blue and pink brown five cornered ribbon of size 27 mm x 47,5 mm, and pin. 
The mould of size  27 mm x 9 mm made of same ribbon decorated with national ornaments  is added to order.

Oxunub: 27547