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\"Honor\" order



Description of “Sharaf” order of Azerbaijan Republic  

It was approved by Law 248- IIIQ of President of Azerbaijan Republic dated Feb 16, 2007. 
Sharaf order consists of eight-pointed star made of gold and platinum and round board fixed on it. There is outer round made of platinum and inner round made of gold on the round board. The word Sharaf was engraved on the top of round made of platinum around the round. The artificial ruby has been fixed on the middle of the round board. Order has been connected with dark red ribbon band of double yellow lined edges via ring and loop. 
It is back side is of smooth surface and the number of the order was carved in the middle. 
The following have been included to the rewarding set: 
1. Order with size of 50 mm consisted of ribbon band of 27 mm width in dark red color with double yellow lines for hanging on neck: 
2. Order with overall size of 35 mm connected via ring and loop to dark red color band with double yellow lines, of size 25mm x 50 mm; 
3. Mould of  size  1 mm x 15 mm in dark red color with double yellow line, with elements for fixation on dress.

Oxunub: 192271