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Favourable business environment



The President of the Azerbaijan Republic issued the Order on Ensuring measures of organization of entrepreneurship subjects\' activity on single window principle dated October 25, 2007, aimed at taking necessary measures to simplify the procedures for running business. 
The disbursement of 50 % on the average of the cost of fuel, engine oil and mineral fertilizers used by producers of agricultural products, by the state in accordance with the Order of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic on “The state support for the producers of agricultural products”, was a powerful incentive to agricultural production. “Agroleasing” OJC established in order to develop leasing relations as a part of agrarian policy carried out in the country, provided agrotechnical services based on orders to the producers of agricultural products in various regions. The allocation of funds from the state budget to the producers of agricultural products and as a result of the application of tax privileges the nominal value of the production raised 2.4 times during the reporting period.

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