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Development of culture



The rapid development of Azerbaijan can be observed clearly in the sphere of culture as well.
In 2001 Ministry of Culture has elaborated “State Program on the development of the Azerbaijan culture” for the next 5 years. The program aimed at achieving the strategic purposes of State Culture Policy of Azerbaijan and advanced the following as the main priorities:
  • Protection of the cultural and historical heritage;
  • Support for creative activity;
  • Legal, scientific and informational development of the sphere;
  • Training of personnel and support of young talents;
  • Restoration and development of the national cinematography;
  • Formation and development of infrastructure of cultural tourism;
  • Development of the publication of books.
According to the state program on the development of library-information sphere in Azerbaijan in 2008-2013, the various events were carried out during the year.
Web-sites of 38 libraries were created the automated library-information System was set in 17 libraries. The library funds are completed with the local publications but also the modern ones published in Russia and other countries. The essential works on execution of “The Special event plans on overhauling of the museums operating in the regions of Azerbaijan according to the modern standards and providing with the new equipment and necessary exhibits” ratified by the order of the President of May  22, 2009 have been done.
After completing the repair and renewal works of the building No.11 of the State Museum of Culture located at Niyazi street in 2009, a number of international events was held here.
Moreover, the funds allocated by the government for shooting Azerbaijan films keep increasing year after year. Thus, 600,000 manats were allocated in 2000, 850,000 manats - in 2004, 1,400,000 manats – in 2005, 2,000,000 manats - in 2006 and 3,300,000 manats – in 2007. If only 1-2 feature films can be shot or so during 3-4 years for these funds, 15 feature films, as well as documentary films and animations such as “Magician”, “Haji Gara”, “All for love”, “The future left behind”, “Hostage”, “Farewell, the Southern city”, “Javid’s life”, “The sovereign’s destiny”, ”Manifest”, “We’ll be back” have been shot over 5-6 years.
On February 20, 2007 President Ilham Aliyev signed Order “On the development of cinematography in Azerbaijan”. The Order was a new incentive to the strengthening material and technical basis of our cinematography. 
The works with respect to the execution of the “State Program on the development of Azerbaijan cinematography for 2008-2018” are in progress during the year. The following films have been shot with the order of the Ministry: “Buta”, “The world topsy-turvy”, “Extra effect”, “Where is the lawyer?” in “Azerbaijanfilm” studio and “Zone”, “Turn to die”, “Actress”, “With the eyes of ghost” in private film companies. At present the works over the feature films, such as “To die without taking revenge”, “The best brother”, “I return home”, “Hail” and “Alive”   are under way. The works over short musical fairy tale “His soul” are almost completed. A number of documentary films such as “Trace…Tower”, “The flight of Caucasian eagle”, “Oil Academy”, “The roads leading to Karabakh”, and screen works dedicated to the prominent art workers such as Tahir Salahov, Elmira Shahtakhtinskaya and Jannat Salimova have been shot in “Chronicle” and “Memory” film studios. 
“Azerbaijan cinema week” in Uzbekistan, “Uzbekistan cinema week” in Baku, as well as of Russia cinema Days, European cinema Festival, Turkey cinema week and Japan cinema week have been carried out. 
The competitions within the cinema projects “Come and charm the audience” and “Motherland is our place to oath” have been carried out and short feature films are being shot based on its results. A special attention is paid to the work with youth in cinematography. During the year 63 % of total funds allocated to cinema production were directed to the films of debutants. 
On February 14, 2011 Culture Channel was launched on the base of Azerbaijan TV and Radio Broadcasting Closed Joint Stock Company. 
Furthermore, over the last years the arrangement of various international musical contests in Azerbaijan, the demonstration of the interest in musical genres, such as national mugham, national classical music and instrumental performance or other genres of performance, establishment of International Mugham Centre, the victory in Eurovision Song Contest are major factors of the rapid development of the culture in Azerbaijan and the state support for this field. 

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