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Assistance to refugees and displaced persons



On December of 2007 the last encampment and in general 12 encampments were liquidated. All these showed that the refugees and displaced persons had derived benefit from the execution of the government programme to the limit. Suffice it to note the fact that 54 new settlements and over 15 thousand houses were built spending over 464,000,000 manats from the State Oil Fund, during execution of the above-mentioned program for improving the living conditions of refugees and displaced persons continually taken care by state.In general within the abovementioned programme 714 events covering various spheres were carried out: 46 of them aimed at ensuring the macroeconomic stability and constant development and 668 of them were the activities implemented in 9 economic areas and administrative regions.
159 of the events carried out in economic areas and administrative regions fell on Aran, 98 on Sheki-Zakatala, 90 on Ganja-Gazakh, 82 on Lankaran, 81 on Guba-Khachmaz, 57 on Nakhchivan, 42 Mountainous Shirvan, 36 on Absheron and 23 on Upper Garabakh economic areas.
During the reporting period President Ilham Aliyev who constantly keeps the execution of programs and Orders under control made 127 trips to all the districts of the regions, including 6 to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic to see the works conducted and their results for himself in situ, gave instructions and recommendations as to the works done and personally participated in underbuilding and opening ceremonies of about 500 institutions and objects being of special importance for the development of our country. 
During the execution of the state program on the development of the regions, elaborated in 2004 it was constantly improving and as a result was executed on a larger scale. Thus, while adopting the program in 2004 major successes were achieved in the solution of some issues that were not included into it and consequently works of a larger scale than stipulated by the program were carried out within the program.

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