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Health reforms



The economic growth in Azerbaijan for recent 10 years, increase of economic potential of the country allowed achieving sustainable solution of health care problem of population and, development of public health. As an important part of a long-term development strategy, defined by the country\'s leadership the large-scale reforms are carried out for provision of medical aid at the level of world standards. Each year a great volume of investment is made in this area. The budget allocated to health was increased by more than 10 times over the last 10 years. During this period, more than 500 medical centers were constructed or repaired, the majority of it has been carried out in regions of the republic, all medical facilities are equipped with modern machinery and equipment. Significant results have been achieved in the fight against infectious diseases, as a priority area of practical healthcare this field is kept at focus of attention. As well as maternal and infant mortality rates have been lowered for few times.


As the health care system is a social field requiring high expenses from the state budget the large-scale social reforms in this area, reconstruction of hospitals, equipping of them with modern medical equipment, and the construction of new treatment and diagnostic centers were necessary for the expansion of economic opportunities of the state. In this regard, in parallel with rapid development of the Azerbaijan’s economy the health care reforms in Azerbaijan further increased since early 2004. The successful implementation of reforms in the health system for the study of the experience of developed countries, cooperation of Azerbaijan’s health department and entities with various international organizations is of great importance. For this reason, the government of Azerbaijan began cooperation with the WHO, UNICEF, USAID\'s Primary Health Care Strengthening Project, Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation, Bloomberg Initiative Fund, the World Bank, the European Commission, relevant UN bodies and other. Within the framework of healthcare reforms the Government of Azerbaijan had signed an agreement on financing with the World Bank\'s International Development Association in September 2006. This agreement supposes to realize a project on the reforms of management and structures in healthcare within 6 years. The project covers strengthening of the management capacity of the Ministry of Health, improving the delivery of health care services, development of human resources, and so on.
The process of reform is followed by the special mission of the World Bank, and positive opinions are given on results. Also reforms in the health care system are evaluated continuously as positive in progress report prepared within the framework of the European Commission\'s Nearest Neighbor Policy for the last few years.


In recent years health measures aimed at strengthening of health in the country, having a positive impact on the improvement of maternal and child health, population shall include the following:

The amount of funds allocated from the state budget for health care has increased by 10 times compared to previous years;
a large amount had been allocated for construction, repair, restoration of health facilities;
the private health care had been developed, financial and technical support of health care was strengthened;
Since 2008, in entities of treatment and prevention being under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the paid service had been canceled and it is considered as a very important and significant step in the field of protection of human health.  

Mandatory medical insurance
One of the most important directions of the reforms of the health care system is works towards the introduction of mandatory health insurance among the population. To this end, in recent years, international practices are studied, legislation base is being prepared. According to the system of mandatory medical insurance fees for medical insurance of pensioners ill be paid by the State Social Protection Fund, and for unemployed and persons getting social aid it will be paid by state. As a result, medical insurance services will cover all strata of the population.
Continuation of the reforms in the healthcare, provision of the population with quality and affordable medical cares occupies a special place in Development Conception of «Azerbaijan 2020: vision of future. The conception includes strengthening of material-technical base of health care, construction of new medical facilities, repair and reconstruction, their equipment with advanced and modern medical equipment and planned health care reform. 
In addition, fighting with the social diseases (diabetes, hemophilia, thalassemia, oncological diseases, immune prophylaxis, hemodialysis, tuberculosis, AIDS, etc.) by state will be implemented by sanitation education work, fighting drug addiction and alcoholism implemented through various government programs.

The state policy aimed at protection of public health and bringing of health services at level of the developed countries of the world is one of the important elements of country\'s long-term development strategy. Thus, a healthy person and a strong healthcare ensure to achieve a long-term sustainable development of human resources. 

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