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The beginning of the century


The new socio-political and socio-economic stage of the country began with Ilham Aliyev being elected the President of the Azerbaijan Republic early in XXI century i.e. in 2003. During his presidency Ilham Aliyev who has rendered great services in elaboration and realization of oils strategy in Azerbaijan, development of various projects with respect to the development of infrastructure and generally integration of the Azerbaijan Republic with the world, achieved the successful enforcement of the policy of formation of democratic, developed, legal and secular state. 
It is the results of his activities that the development dynamics of Azerbaijan over the last years basically differs from those of the past. Thus, a major target of the first decade of the new century was elaboration and successful implementation of appropriate stat programs to achieve the growth of special weight of the regions in the economic development. On February 11, 2004 President Ilham Aliyev issued Decree on ratification of “state program for social-economic development of the region of the Azerbaijan Republic” (2004-2008). 

The new policy aimed at developing the regions was to serve to achieve the following certain purposes:
use labour resources, natural and economic potential of the regions effectively;
expedite the development of non-oil sector of economy;
deepen the reforms in the agrarian sector;
decrease the poverty rate through the enhancement of employment of population;
renew the infrastructure;
create favourable investment conditions;
take regular measures for the establishment of modern institutions and opening of new workplaces;

The measures to be taken on the basis of the mentioned state program were determined in 3 levels:
1. Provision of macroeconomic stability and continuous development;
2. Measures on a level of economic regions;
3. Measures determined in accordance with the peculiarities of each region.
 Along with the State Program on the socio-economic development of the regions in 2004-2008, President Ilham Aliyev signed certain orders with regard to the development of the regions. During the implementation of the Program, the head of the state signed 17 additional orders for the faster development of the cities and districts of Guba-Khachmaz, Shaki-Zagatala, Mountainous Shirvan, Lankaran, Aran, Ganja-Gazakh and the Upper Karabakh economic regions. Moreover, “The Program of measures for the faster socio-economic development of Baku settlements for 2006-2007 was approved.

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