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Development of regions



State Program I successfully implemented for the development of the regions laid down new development foundations in various regions of Azerbaijan and moved the process of development to the following successful stage. Thus, President Ilham Aliyev with his Decree dated April 14, 2009 ratified the “State program on social-economic development of the regions of the Azerbaijan Republic for 2009-2013”. The key target causing the elaboration of a new program was to achieve diversification and effective integration of country economy to world economic system, improvement of the level of infrastructure and public services, as well as a continuous enhancement of standard of living of population.  
The significant achievements were obtained in the continuous development of non-oil sector, establishment of new institutions and opening of new workplaces in the country, the improvement of the quality and the volume of provision of public services and social infrastructure, upgrading business environment, increase in the level of employment and the reduction of poverty in the capital and regions, thanks to the successful implementation of the “State program on social-economic development of the regions of the Azerbaijan Republic (for 2004-2008)” and “Program of Measures for the acceleration of social-economic development of the settlements of Baku city for 2006-2007”. “State program on social-economic development of the regions of the Azerbaijan Republic for 2009-2013” provides for the continuations of works launched within the two previous programs completed.


According to estimations, during the implementation of the “State program on social-economic development of the regions of the Azerbaijan Republic (for 2004-2008”) the actual turnout of gross domestic product (GDP) in the country reached 38 billion manats increasing 2.6 times. Nominal value of GDP per capita reached 4440 manats increasing 5 times. There was an increase in non-oil sector 1.8 times and according to the summary for 2008 the share of non-oil sector in GDP reached 84.5 per cent. During 2004-2008 the volume of investment in non-oil sector increased 6.2 times and its specific weight in general composition of investment increased from 26.8 per cent in 2003 to 69 per cent in 2008. 
The amount of the funds allocated for the implementation of the projects in the regions in state investment outlay made 3.9 billion manats in 2008 increasing 6 times in comparison with 2004. And this was equal to 83 per cent of total investment. Generally, during the implementation of the State Program I on social-economic development of the regions, a state investment amounting to 6.8 billion manats was made to various regions of Azerbaijan. A credit amounting to 2.2 billion dollars was attracted from international financial institutions for financing the projects executed in the regions in connection with the implementation of the state program. The credits were allocated in large volumes and generally on favourable terms for the development of the private sector, as well. 
In the reporting period by country the volume of investment to fixed capital at the cost of financial sources made 33.5 billion manats with 53.2 per cent of domestic and 46.8 per cent of international investment. The volume of investment in 2008 3 times exceeded that of in 2003, and the volume of investment per capita was 605.8 manats more than in 2003. While in 2003 the share of domestic investment in the total volume of investment was 24.8 per cent, in 2008 this index made 78.6 per cent.  
At the same time there was industrial growth up to 2.5 times and agricultural growth up to 25.2 per cent. The dynamics of rapid growth is also observed in the rates of population welfare along with the rapid development of the economy and population income increased 4 times in 2008 in comparison with 2003.

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