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Progress in construction sector



Early in XXI century, as a result of the measures taken in the development of the construction sector construction works continually gained in scope, the tens of residential houses and social objects protected today as valuable architectural monuments were put into operation. 
Of late, 755 new schoolhouses with about 220,000 places have been built, 344 schoolhouses overhauled, the tens of diagnostic centres and other health-care institutions equipped with up-to-date equipment, Olympic sport complexes fully meeting world and European standards, the hundreds of multi-storeyed residential houses were put into operation in the country.
Over the last 3 years 13 road stations, 23 pedestrian crossings were built and put into operation, 9 pedestrian crossings overhauled and generally 77 highway bridges and roadway markers, tens of motor roads and road facilities were put into operation. 


At the same time first steps were taken in entering the construction companies of Azerbaijan into the world markets. Such companies as “Akkord”, “Azerkorpu” and “Alibeyli” benefiting from the formation of modern construction market, as well as the latest scientific and technical achievements carry out planning and construction works by participating in and winning the tenders of the projects implemented in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Libya and other countries, with the support of World Bank and other international financial institutions.  

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