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The progress in energy supply



9 power stations of a various types with 7 stations located in the regions played a particular role in the improvement of power supply for the citizens of the country. The modular power stations in Astara, Shaki, Khachmaz, 3 power stations in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, a new thermal station in Sumgait were constructed and put into operation. As a result of the works carried out to improve natural gas supply, after 13-years break a natural gas supply was restored in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, put into operation in Lerik and Yardimli, Horadiz city of Fizuli, as well as  Aghjabedi, Beylagan, Guzanli settlement of Aghdam and other regions for the first time.  
75 new boiler houses were built and 72 thoroughly overhauled in connection with the reorganization of heating system in the regions during 2004-2008. The tens of boiler houses were constructed and put into operation in Baku in order to improve heat supply for the objects to be supplied with heating in a centralized manner, and new gas lines were built in the settlements of Sabunchu, Binagadi, Surakhani, Sabail, Garadag, Nizami, Khatai and Khazar regions, as well as thorough overhaul and reorganizational works carried out for the existing gas lines to improve gas supply for the population. During the implementation of the programme gas supply in the country reached 85% with the construction of gas lines up to 1600 km long. 
To improve water supply and sewerage system, the works related to the relevant projects including the construction of Oghuz-Gabala-Baku water pipelines, the reorganization of water supply and sewerage system in Ganja, Shaki, Aghdash and Goychay, as well as the small towns of the country, were resumed at the cost of state investment outlays and through attracting international financial organizations. New water pipelines 720 km long and effluent disposal lines 210 km long were built, 23 water reservoirs constructed and 214 artesian wells drilled. 632 public telephone stations, 610 new post offices were put into operation in order to improve communication infrastructure in the regions. 
To improve transport infrastructure, trunk roads over 1000 km long were laid or overhauled in the regions, repair works carried out for 600 km roads of republican significance and 2700 km roads of local significance, as well as 69 new bridges constructed and 34 bridges repaired.  
Buses with large and medium carrying capacity were brought to the country and put into operation in order to improve transport infrastructure and upgrade the quality of passenger operations in Baku city. 
 A number of road stations and pedestrian crossings were put into operation in Baku. During the implementation of the stated programme, new airports meeting modern standards were constructed and put into operation in Nakhchivan, Ganja, Lankaran and Zagatala and the most part of the works on the construction of new seaport in Lankaran were completed.  

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