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Youth Policy


Today youth policy became an important integral part of state policy. Azerbaijani youth is distinguished with activity in all sectors of public life, play an important role in the implementation political, economic, humanitarian and social activities. As a result of the extensive opportunities created for young people by the state of society, this stratum has become a vanguard force of the society.
State youth policy is as system of measures of defined priorities and implemented events by the state for realization by the youth their knowledge and skills, the effective implementation of the natural potential, in order to create the conditions to take a worthy place in society. State youth policy found its reflection in the relevant legal documents and carried out by government agencies.
The main area of youth policy was determined in the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan On Youth Policy as follows:
-  moral and spiritual training of youth and participation in cultural life;
 - government support for talented young people;
 - protection of health and physical development of young people;
 -  provision of youth employment;
-  State aid to young families;
 - The state assistance to Youth organizations .
The first forum of independent Azerbaijani youth was held on February 2, 1996, in order to increase the role of Azerbaijani youth in development of the society and in the solution of their problems, to increase participation in the future development of the country and the responsibility, to create conditions for the exchange of ideas of young people living in the capital and regions, to facilitate communication of with young people with government agencies, government officials.
On February 1, 1997, a decree on announcement of day February 2 as the day of young people of Azerbaijan was issued. Since that time, traditionally every year on February 2 a holiday of the Azerbaijani youth is celebrated. In general, the Azerbaijani youth had 6 forums held, from them 4 come to of the last 10 years.
The decree of the President Ilham Aliyev “Approval of Azerbaijani Youth State Program (2005 and 2009 years)” signed on August 30, 2005 for purposes of right using of the country\'s potential for the benefit of young people, providing of their useful employment, participation in the implementation of the system of public administration served the increase of state  care on youth. The main directions of state policy for youth in our country were reflected in the Decree. In accordance with the program measures were implemented to provide social protection of young people, promote employment, stimulation of creative searches, training and education at the national spirit, the strengthening of military-patriotic education, to promote healthy life style. During 2005-2009 the state program on youth policy was realized and more than 100 points of the program were implemented. 
By the decree of the head of state the Ministry of Youth and Sports has been re-organized in 2006, and the tasks were assigned before the main executive body of the youth policy. President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev had announced year 2007 as Youth Year”.
The State Program on development of creative potential of talented children (youth) (2006 - 2010), State Program on development of technical and vocational education of the Republic of Azerbaijan (2007 -2012) provide further improvement of youth policy, revealing the creative potential of young people, creation of necessary conditions for the realization of creative potential, and had created the basis for effective management of creative potential, raising the intellectual level of young people, the selection of especially talented young people and implementation of appropriate measures and for the solution of social problems of young people.
Young people today are represented in the state bodies, parliament, municipalities, businesses and other structures and contribute to the development of society. Thus, more than 60 per cent of employed in state bodies during 2008-2011 was young people. 28 percent of the members of the municipality, 4303 people are young people. 326 of them are the chairmen of the municipality.
During 2008-2011 youth organizations in Azerbaijan were elected in 11 international organizations.
Within  “The State Program on education of Azerbaijan youth abroad in 2007-2015 5000 young people is designed to send to study in the prestigious high schools abroad. Till date 1204 Azerbaijani young people were sent to the world\'s most advanced universities in the fields in which the country needs, on different educational levels.
At present, about 200 youth organizations, more than 20 high school students, youth organizations are operating in the country. The issues covering by them is quite wide: patriotic spirit of young people in education, awareness, reducing of unemployment, health of youth, education, an active civil position, promotion of culture among the masses and so on are issues quite urgent.
Appropriate steps have been taken for the construction of the Youth House in Baku and Youth Centre in the regions. There are already 12 youth houses in the regions. Within the framework of the socio-economic development of Baku city and surrounding suburbs the projects have been approved for the construction of 5 youth\'s home in districts of the capital and the construction will begin this year, during nearest 2-3 years 15 youth house will be built.
The measures taken in recent years, had accelerated political, socio-economic and organizational –legal conditions and provisions to ensure comprehensive development of young people, helped to increase their socio-political activity. On April 6, 2011 decree on the State Program of Azerbaijan youth in 2011 and 2015 was signed by President Ilham Aliyev. In order to stimulate the youth policy related to science, education, culture and other social sectors the Youth Fund was established. If for 2005-2009 8 million 375 thousand 385 manat were allocated from the state budget for Youth State Program of Azerbaijan but for new program it is planned to allocate 80 million manats. This is approximately 10 times more than the previous program indicator. The main objective of the state program, further development of youth policy in the Republic of Azerbaijan, to create conditions for active participation of young people in the field of management, employment young professionals and solution of other socio-economic problems.
 Thus a new stage of state youth policy began, and it will create the conditions for a comprehensive benefit of all sections of population, including young people from the social reforms carried out by Azerbaijani government. 

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