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Vows are considered from the most ancient genres of the oral literature. It had been formed in connection with the faith of men to beings, which they considered as holy.
When a man had begun for the first time to look at earth, sky, water, fire, sun, moon as holy the first vows began to be formed, too: Gün haqqı, Torpaq haqqı, İşıq haqqı, Su haqqı etc.
While boundaries of human imagine expanded, vows related to parents and dear persons had been formed: Atamın canı üçün, And alsun anamın canına, Balamın canına and olsun etc.
In connection with dominating position of religious ideas in the oral creative art some vows of religious kind had also been formed: Allaha and olsun, Peygəmbər haqqı, Əli yolu haqqı, Məzhəb haqqı etc. 

Oxunub: 32690