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Witchcrafts know among people. Being a product of the primary magic ideas of the Turk kins witchcrafts had occupied an important position in the daily life of primitive man at certain period, at process of dominating on perception, self expression. 
Witchcraft is the genre reflecting the faith on word. 
Few kinds of the witchcrafts have been spread among people widely: Witchcrafts arising to subordinate the natural forces; Witchcrafts arising with purpose of protecting plan and animals securing the life and living of man; Witchcrafts arising in connection with daily way of life and health of the man. Qurdağzı, Diş ağrısı, Dəmirov, Boğaz-gəlmə etc. witchcrafts are very famous. 

Çax daşı,
Çaxmaq daşı.
Allah versin 

...Köküvü qazdım, bax, bax,
Döşüvü yazdım, bax, bax...
Dəmirov babanı

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