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Azerbaijani mythology
Meaning of the myth has been connected with myth and cover art values which have arisen in older layers of the ancestor culture. Myths are primary creative works with literal meaning (Greek mifos) on forming of world and man, Allah, gods ruling the world, madams.  
Myth is art thought of early ethnos on world, man and world events. The time life of these thoughts is uncertain. 
Azerbaijan mythology is a part of all-Turkish mythology. Our mythology benefiting from sources of ancient Turk mythology kept the model old Turk mythological and enriched it with new myths, believes, cults, customs. Like in ancient Turkic peoples, in mythology of Azerbaijani traces of turks main mythic images like Tanry (Heavenly Tanri- main allah) and Humay (all of the earth) can be traced 
Azerbaijani mythology is rich with old faith, beliefs, antromorphic and zoomorphic meetings. Ancestor cult occupies a special place among them. The basic meaning of this cult is if ancestor cult renews from each seven generations, each Turk should know to which last seven genealogy, family and kin he/she belongs. Till date series of samples of myths and legends, which immortalize ancestor cult, have reached our days. Among them light-ray, tree-world, mountain and its generative features, crossing of just mythical formulas, creation of man from linking of earth and sky, emerging of first man by totemitstic – zoomorphic ((Huma, Simurq, Samandar bird, Wealth bird, White bird, Black bird, Wolf, horse etc) had reached our days
Azerbaijan mythological model is perceived simple and clear. It is based on mythic text, mythic aesthetic thought by covering a circle of first impressions of Turk. The same mythological model is classified like the following conditionally:
1. Cosmogonical myths, myths connected with the sky bodies.
2. Ethnoqonik myths.
3. Myths connected with ancestor cult and primary hero.
4. Myths connected with Allah , God and spirits
5. Calendar myths.
6. Myths connected with Cults and onqon.
7. Myths connected with World catastrophes and end of the world

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