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Tongue-twisters had been formed in connection with development of the child speech. Tongue-twisters were considered as means for correction of defective speech in persons. But later tongue-twisters had begun to use for the purposes of speeding the speech habit, too. Complex of similar voices and words comprises the tongue-twisters. Initial stage muttering to the definite rhythm is based on simple fluency, but sudden entering of outside sound complex to text complicates the rhythm of the tongue-twister. Tongue-twisters are divided into to two parts: less worded or simple tongue-twisters, multi worded or complex tongue-twisters. 

Ag balqabaq, boz balqabaq, ag balqabaq; 
“Getdim, gördüm bir dərədə yeddi qara, qaşqa, təpəl, səkil keçi var. Dedim: Ay yeddi qara, qaşqa, təpəl, səkil keçi, mənim qara, qaşqa, təpəl, səkil keçimi gördünmü?
Dedi:Sənin o yeddi qara, qaşqa, təpəl, səkil keçin mənim yeddi qara, qaşqa, təpəl, səkil keçimin balasıdı”  etc. 

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