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Bayati is one of the widest spread kinds of lyrics. Name of the genre is linked with Turkish speaking bayatis. Bayatis consists of four hemistiches and are seven syllabled. The first, the second hemistiches carry purpose of preparation, keynote is spoken in the third, the fourth hemistich. Usually bayatis starts with expressions like  mən aşiq, aşiqəm, əzizim, eləmi etc. 
As most place was given in jinas in Turkish languages poetry historically, so there are bayatis, which rhymes consist of  jinas. One of kinds of bayati is a kind when first hemistich consists of just rhymes. Such bayat is mostly found in folklore of Kerkuk turks (turkman) under the name khoyrat. 

Bayatis are different by subject and content. But majority of it is in on love subject:

Mən aşıq, keçdi məndən,
Ox dəydi, keçdi məndən.
Yaxşıya körpü oldum,
Yaman da keçdi məndən.   

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