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Azerbaijani anecdotes
Anecdote has been from Arabic word “latif” and means pleasant word. History of formation of anecdotes starts from IX century. Anecdotes have been spread at the first stage in the form of tahkiyə of Turkish written prose. Sources of the East, especially which take wide place in the Arabian thought after Arab aggression, had been crossed with words which make people to laugh and anecdotes that take a main function of tahkiya, narrating, admonition.  
It first collection in Azerbaijan had been published by A.Muznib in the 1908. He  later also was engaged in collection and publication of anecdotes and  collected over 500 anecdotes on Bahlul Dananda ( the most ancient sample of anecdote reached to us was related to Bahlul Dananda) and Molla Nasiruddin, besides other regional anecdotes.

Azerbaijan anecdotes are classified as following:
1. Anecdotes of Bahlul Dananda
2. Anecdotes of Molla Nasreddin
3. Regional anecdotes

Regional anecdotes are also divided into:
a) Sheki anecdotes (most related to Haji uncle)
b) Anecdotes of Garabagh and Abdal Qasım
j) Ayrim anecdotes
ch) Lezghin anecdotes
d) Anecdotes on different subjects.

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