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Labor songs


Myth (legend) are based on life fact connected with ideas, life and society events, astral imaginations, which were or might occur. These samples are based on material of life putting a man face to face with confrontations and lacks of epoch, making him to think, giving        aesthetic pleasure to man and being an exemplary for modern era and life. Ancient examples of Azerbaijani myths Mydian legends had reached us by “History” work of Herodotus. Azerbaijan oral literature had been rich historically with legends. In structure of the tales, one of these myths are toponimic works “Shirvan” and “Shabran” works printed in 1822, and which reached us in the form of tales, legends. Myths are usually classified as following:
1. Legends connected with astral imaginations, heavenly bodies and constellations.
2. Legends connected with plants and the animal kingdom.
3. Toponimic myths.
4. Myths related to name of historical personalities, people, kin.
5. Religious myths.
Azerbaijani myths which have spread widely among people are Maral, Qu qushu, Turaj, Shanapipik, Jamış dashı, Qız qeyrati, Lala afsanasi, Dada Gunash, Sumqayıt, Goyça golu, Hazrat baba, Shah dagh, Khızır, Bayat, Avshar, Nuhun tufanı and which are gained peculiarity with its national character.

Azerbaijani legends
Azerbaijani legends is one of genres, which has a special place in forming of the people prose. Historical truths of the far and near past keep its peculiarity and exactness of national thinking. Legends covers concrete event, fact and finish with instructive ending. Azerbaijani legends are divided into to three places, too:
1. Moral instructive legends.
2. Toponimic legends.
3. Religious legends. 
The first group of legends has an ultimate goal to envisage moral instructive properties, while the second group of legends is those which formed in connection with names of people life, way of life, river, mountain, village etc. From this viewpoint legends connected with Mountain of the Beshbarmag, Pirabcabar, Selcanboyat, Pirsaat  etc can be shown. The third group or legends the instructive moral conclusions are brought to attention. There are legends based on concrete event and facts on prophets, holy hearth, akhund and qazis. For instance, legends related to Suleyman Prophet are considered the most interesting legends in 3rd group.

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