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One of interesting genres created by means of imagination of visible and invisible parts of events and facts of life, to get knowledge, to be aware of truths is riddles
History of formation of the riddles is very ancient. In the work of M.Kashgari “DIvani-lughati-turk” it is said that riddles were formed among Turkish tribes under the name of  tabzuz  Turks say to riddle as bilmece, tapışmak, matal, uşuk (suk) and etc. 

Riddles have been grouped according to subjects as following:
1. Riddles about events of the heavenly bodies, nature, water, fire, wind and land;
2. Riddles related to flora;
3. Riddles related to fauna;
4. Riddles about man, his (her) parts of the body, clothes and decorations, life, things of way of life and economy and weapons;
5. About meals and foods;
6. Riddles related to music and musical instruments;
7. Riddles related to technical progress;
8. Riddles on different subjects;
9. Child riddles.

Bir sinidə iki toyuq, Biri isti biri soyuq (Moon and Sun), Aşmaz-uşmaz, Yerə düşsə, Beli sınmaz (Leaf), Çəpər üstə çal xoruz (Pumpkin), O hansı heyvandı anadan saqqallı doğular (Goat), Suya girər lillənər, Sudan çıxar dillənər (Fetters), Bir quşum var, düz uçar (Bullet), Ağ sinidə ağ təpə (Plov) etc.

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