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January 1
1813 - during the Russo-Iranian war (1804-1813) Russian forces took the fortress of Lankaran.
1841 – according to the Law of administrative reform of Tsar Nicholas I (10.04.1840), the South Caucasus was divided into province Imereti with capital in Tbilisi, and the province Kaspi (Khazar) with  the capital in  Shamakhy. 
1896 - Aga Nematulla, oil worker was born in Sarab town. 
1929 – The passage from the Arabic alphabet to Latin alphabet began in Azerbaijan.
1934 -  The first issue of weekly Adabiyyat qazeti -Literary newspaper was published.
1937 - the famous actor, honored artist Eldaniz Zeynalov was born.
1937 - People\'s Artist Eldaniz Zeynalov (1937 - 5.11.2001) was born.
1940 – the passage from the Latin alphabet to Cyrillic (Russian) alphabet graphics was realized in Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.
1947 - People\'s Artist Mikail Mirza was born in  Shamakhi region.
1997 - The OSCE Minsk Group co-chair Finland has been replaced with France (the second co-chair country was Russia). 

January 2
1899 - honored artist, singer Hashim Kalantarli was born.
1945 - the people artist Samandar Rzayev was born  

January 3
1109- Great Azerbaijani thinker Khatib Tabrizi died.
1804- Russian troops occupied Ganja.
1804 - the khan of Ganja, Javad Khan, together with son died heroically in battle with the Russian troops led by General Pavel Tsitsianov 
1879 -  poet Samed Mansur was born.
1887 - one of the prominent  representatives of literature of Azerbaijan, Yusif Vazir Chamanzaminli was born.
1907 - The famous pianist, People\'s Artist, Professor Kovkab Kamil kizi Safaraliyeva (1907 - 1985) was born.
1907 - pianist and teacher, people’s artist Kovkab Safaraliyeva was born 
1916 - the honored teacher, Azerbaijan\'s leading educational figure Sona Tagiyeva was born in Baku 
1955 - Social and political figure Oktay Asadov was born 
1990 – Units of the  Soviet Army began to deploying in  the territory of Azerbaijan by the decision of USSR leadership under pretext of support of the Armenian population.
2004 - The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the U.S. Ministry of Defense had concluded an agreement On cooperation in the prevention of the spreading of weapons of mass destruction.

January 4
1866 - the writer and playwright, journalist Jalil Mammadguluzade was born. 
1878 - well-known satirist, one of the prominent representatives of the literary school of “Molla Nasreddin Ali Nazmi (1878-1946) was born.
1880 - teacher, linguist and journalist Farhad Aghazadeh was born in Shusha.
Azerbaijani poet was born in 1878, Ali Nazmi.
1881 - journalist, critic and translator Husyen Minasazov was born. 
http://azerbaycanli.org/photos/Image/Medeniyyet / Mirza-Caliljpg  
1932 - a well-known writer, dramatist, publicist, publisher, Jalil Huseyngulu oglu Mammadguluzade (22.2.1869, Nakhchivan - 1932, Baku) died.
1946 - People\'s Artist of Rafael Malik oglu Dadashov was born 
1950 - A well-known actress Guliyeva Inara was born in Moscow.
1963 – by Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR  the next changes in the territorial-administrative system of the republic were done.
2000 - The people artist Sofiya Bashir kizi  Basirzade (Vezirova, 28.2.1918, Kazan - 2000, Baku) died.
2003 - the law approved by the decree of President Heydar Aliyev of Azerbaijan Republic On the state language of came into force by being published in the official press.

January 5
1478 - a well-known public figure, Aghgoyunlu ruler Uzun Hasan was killed.
1819 - Nakhchivan Khan\'s descendants, the commander, the Russian army\'s cavalry General Ismail Khan Ehsan Khan oglu Nakhchivanski, 1819 - 1908) was born.
1884 - Opera singer, theatrical figure, Ahmed Bashir oglu Badalbeyli (Agdamski, 1884 - 1.4.1954) was born in Shusha.
1884- Opera artist, honored art worker, Ahmed Badalbeyli known as Ahmed Agdamski was born in Shusha.
1901 - famous master of the scene, People\'s Artist, State Laureate Marziya Davudova was born.
1927 – writer, poet, translator, Vidadi Yusif oglu Babanly was born in the village Shikhly of Gazakh region (now Muganli) 
1927- The writer and publicist Alfi Kasimov was born.
1930 – the decision was adopted in the Soviet Union regarding collectivization and the help in establishment of collective farms.
1949 – birthday of honoured artist Kubra Aliyeva.
1955 - Honoured artist Farhad İsrafilov was born.
1991 – the statue of S.M. Kirov, ruled Azerbaijan during 20-es was disassembled in Baku’ highland culture and recreation park (now the area of Alley of Martyrs ).
1992 - The Council of Defence of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been cancelled.

January 6
1733 - Ottoman forces were defeated by the Safavid army in the battle which took place near Baghdad.
1907 - the People\'s artist, laureate of State Prize Ismail Daghestani was born.
1907 -  the famous composer, conductor and musician Afrasiyab Badalbeyli was born 
1907 - People\'s Artist Ismail Yusuf  oglu Daghestani (Hajiyev, 1907 - 1.4.1980) was born in the village of Zarna of Gakh region.
1938 - A well-known choreographer, Honored Art Worker Yulana Yusufovna Alikishizade was born in Baku.
1946 – by the decision of the government of South Azerbaijan the Azerbaijani was declared as the state language  
1962 - People\'s Artist of the USSR, Mariziyya Yusif kizi Davudova (25.11.1901, Astrakhan - 1962, Baku), died.
1994 - the Azerbaijan National Army forces counter-attacked Armenian occupying forces  in the war in Garabagh, had gained its  first military success after the heavy defeats in 1993.  

January 7
1892 – Azerbaijani actor and director Mir Seyfaddin Kirmansahlı was born 
1907 - a well-known Azerbaijani scientist, academician, honored scientific worker Mirali Gashgay was born.
1939 - poet, literary critic Rafik Zeka Khandan was born.

January 8
1862- the commander of Azerbaijan, general Amanulla Khan Gajar was born in Shusha.
1864- the famous singer Kechachi oglu Mohammed was born in Shusha.
1923-  People\'s Artist of Azerbaijan, State Prize winner Leyla Badirbeyli was born.

January 9
1903 – one of the well-known figures of Azerbaijani theater Ulvi Rajab (1903-1938) was born.
1903- prominent Azerbaijani actor Ulvi Rajab was born 
1959- Matlab Guliyev, Azerbaijan\'s National Hero was born in Beylagan.
1990 - The Supreme Soviet of Armenian SSR made a next decision on annexation of Nagorno-Garabagh from Azerbaijan- “On inclusion of  NGAO’s socio-economic development plan in the state plan of Armenian SSR.
1991 – correspondent of “Molodyoj Azerbaijan newspaper Salatin Askerova was killed.
1991 - Armenian terrorism carried out the next bloody action in the territory of Azerbaijan. 
1994 - The diplomatic relations were established between Azerbaijan and State of Vatican (recognized the country\'s independence in May 23, 1992). 
1994 - the diplomatic relations were established with Vatican 
2001 - Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived on an official visit to Baku.

January 10
1838 - The famous Baku millionaire, a great philanthropist Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev (1838-1924) was born.
1927 - the Memorial Day of Major-General of Tank troops Ibrahim Ahmadov 
1928-  One of the brightest figures of the architecture school of Azerbaijan - Alesker Huseynov was born
1954 -  Mingachevir Hydroelectric Power Station was put into operation.
1958-  the National hero of Azerbaijan Mukhtar Gasimov was born.
1962-  famous Azerbaijani actor, People\'s Artist Ajdar Sultanov died at the age of 53.
1994 – at NATO summit in Brussels, The Partnership for Peace program was adopted.

January 11
1906- historian and orientalist, professor, Honored scientific worker, State prize laureate Abdulkarim Alizade was born.
1920 - the Allied countries, at the level of de-facto  recognized the governments of Azerbaijan and Georgia” 
1920 – at the Supreme Council of Versailles (Paris) Peace Conference on the outcomes of the World War I with the proposal of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain lord Kerzon, decision was made to recognize the People\'s Republic of Azerbaijan.
1946, January 11- Albania was declared as People\'s Republic. Located in the western Balkan Peninsula, this country gained its independence in 1912.
1994 - Azerbaijan established diplomatic relations with Latvia and Slovakia.
2003 - President Heydar Aliyev has been presented the 2002 Man of the Year award established by ANS Independent Broadcasting and Media Company and Chingiz Mustafayev Fund. 

January 12
1908 - Leili and Majnun opera was first time staged.
1908 - the first Azerbaijani opera - Leili and Majnun staged, the author of which the great composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov 
 http://azerbaycanli.org/photos/Image/qarabax-az-xerite.jpg1989 - The Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR has issued a decree On introduction of the special form of governance in Nagorno-Garabagh Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan SSR”
1995 - diplomatic relations were established between Azerbaijan Republic and Uruguay.
http://azerbaycanli.org/photos/Image/Medeniyyet / Azerbaijan-the-Ensiklopediyasijpg
2004 - President Ilham Aliyev issued an order on publication of Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia and implementation of mass publications in Azerbaijani language with Latin graphics. 

January 13
1897- Statesmen and literary critic Ruhulla Akhundov was born in the village of Shuvalan of Baku.
1914-  the famous scene figure, People\'s Artist Barat Sakinskaya was born.
1923 - Director, People\'s artist Tofig Kazimov was born.
1962 – TV announcer Akif Narimanoglu was born. 
1990 – in Baku\'s Freedom square at crowded rally the Popular Front of Azerbaijan declared the establishment of The National Defense Council 
1991 - by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR Shaumyan (village) region was abolished as an administrative-territorial unit and its territory as joined to Goranboy.
1997 - President Heydar Aliyev paid an official visit to Paris on invitation of President of France Jacques Chiraque 

January 14
1907- Azerbaijani poet Almas Yıldırım was born 
1910 - the well-known Azerbaijani scientist, physiologist, medical doctor, professor, Honored scientific worker Abdullah Garayev was born.
1911 - the famous mathematician, Professor Zahid Khalilov was born.
1992- the protocol was signed on establishment diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey. 
1990 - mass protests began in Baku in connection indifferent attitude to threats with the land claims of Armenians. 

January 15
1913 - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, academician Jabrayil Huseynov was born.
1920 - representatives of Azerbaijan and Georgia were invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France.
1926- a well-known journalist Rashid Gazıbayov was born 
1990 -  the USSR Supreme Soviet  declared  the state of emergency at the border regions of Azerbaijan and Armenia, Nagorno-Garabagh.
2010, 15 January, at 5.10 o’clock 9 millionth resident of Azerbaijan was born.  

January 16
1924 - a well-known specialist in the field of Cybernetics and Computer Engineering Boyukaga Azimov was born.
1934 - the well-known critic and literary critic, professor Shamil Gurbanov was born.
1944 - the critic, the literary critic Aydin Mammadov was born 

January 17
1841- the famous musician Mirza Mukhtar was born in Shusha.
1915 - During the First World War the Russian troops that defeated Turkish (Ottoman) forces in the Caucasus front, from there moved to Iran (South Azerbaijan), Tabriz.
1926-  the poet, honored art worker Medina Gulgun was born.
1926 - A well-known poetess Medina Gulgun (Alekperzade Medina Nurulla kizi, 1926-1991) was born.
1992 - The permanent working body of Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Azerbaijan - the National Council adopted a decision on  the declaration of 20 January as the Martyrs\' Day. 
1994 – Units of Azerbaijani Army repulsed the attack of Armenian armed forces the in Fuzuli direction at Garabagh front.
2001 - Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe has decided to accept Azerbaijan as a full member of the organization.

January 18
1903- Teacher-scholar, education worker, academician Mehdi Mehdizadeh was born. 
1915 - People\'s Artist of Azerbaijan, unique performer of dances, choreographer Alibaba Abdullayev was born.
1921 - the writer, playwright, publicist and translator Seyfaddin Dagly was born.
1923 - the well-known ophthalmologist, doctor of medical sciences, honored worker of science Zahra Guliyeva.was born. 
1927 - the famous Azerbaijani conductor,  people\'s artist Kamal Abdullayev was born.
1990 - protests in front of the Azerbaijan Communist Party Central Committee began .

January 19
1629, 19 January - the death of Shah Abbas I
1923 - the famous painter, honored art worker Mirjavad Mirjavadov was born. 
1936 - the Azerbaijani scientist and philosopher Farman Eyvazov was born. 
1990 - rallies continued in Baku 
1990- The Supreme Soviet of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic made a decision on the withdrawal from the structure of the USSR.
1993 - after long discussions, the state emblem of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been approved.
1993 - diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan were established
January 20
1902 - The Turkish poet, lived a part of his life in Azerbaijan Nazim Hikmet (1902-1963) was born.
1923 - a well-known literary critic, professor, Honored scientific worker, Laureate of State Prize Kamal Talibzade was born.
1936 - the well-known journalist, professor of  Baku State University T. Rustamov was born.
1977 - A well-known poet, publicist Zeynal Jabbarzada (Jabbarov Zeynal Aliabbas oglu, 1920-1977) died.
1990 - the Soviet army deployed in Baku killed the peaceful civilians.
1990, 20th January - the Soviet Army committed a bloody massacre in Baku.
1990 - Soviet army carried out Bloody January massacre in Baku. 
1998 - President Heydar Aliyev issued an order “On expanding of cooperation between Azerbaijan Republic and the Council of Europe and on measures for protection of interests of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Europe .
2003 - The famous football referee Eldar Azimzade (1934-2003) died. He was born in May 25, 1934 in Baku.
2010, January 20- the monument dedicated to January 20 was opened in Baku.

January 21
1893 - a well-known doctor turkologist, scientist Bakir Chobanzade was born in the village of Argın  of Simferopol province.
1907 - the famous historian and orientalist, Professor, Honored Scientist Alisohbat Sumbatzade was born.
1922 - the newspaper  “Yeni fikir” in Azerbaijani language began publication in Georgia. 
1924 - the famous composer, conductor, the prize-winner in the name of  U.Hajibeyov, People\'s Artist Suleyman Alasgarov was born in Shusha.
1990 - an extraordinary session of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR was started.
1928 - the famous Azerbaijani singer, People\'s Artist Lutfiyar Imanov was born.

January 22
1892 - an outstanding representative of Azerbaijani fine art, well-known painter and graphic Bahruz Kangarli (1892-1922) was born in Nakhchivan.
1908 - The famous physicist, Nobel Prize winner Lev Davidovich Landau (1908-1968) was born in Baku.
1910 - Guard major general of Tank troops, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Hazi Aslanov was born.
1910 - The two-time Hero of the Soviet Union, tanks troops Major-General Ali Hazi Aslanov was born in Lankaran.
1913 - the Day of memory of famous pop singer, actor, architect and artist, People\'s Artist of Mirza Babayev.
1941  - well-known expert in television, candidate of historical sciences Elshad Guliyev was born.
1944 - A well-known theater and film actor, People\'s Artist Haji Ismayilov was born.
1950 - the national hero Fakhraddin Shahbazov was born. 
1990 – victims of  Bloody January aggression were buried in Baku.
1990 - an extraordinary session of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR was held.
1992 - The Philippines recognized the independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
1993 - The Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey was opened in Nakhichevan.
1998 - Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev initiated a law on the abolition of death penalty in the country.  

January 23
1945- by the decision of the Council of People\'s Commissars of the USSR “Azerbaijan SSR Academy of Sciences was established.
1969- Azerbaijan’s national hero Hikmet Muradov was born in Baku 

January 24
1909- conductor, people\'s artist Ashraf Hasanov was born in Sheki 
1922 - well-known representative of the art, honored art worker Ashiq Shakir Hajiyev was born.
2005, 24-26 January - President Ilham Aliyev\'s official visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran

January 25
1823 - the famous millionaire and philanthropist Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev was born.
1899 - the first law professor and public figure Mustafa Vekilov (1899-1943) was born.
1899 - one of the prominent lawyers Mustafa Vekilov was born in Tbilisi. 
1984 - a well-known theater and film actor, People\'s Artist Mammadrza Sheikhzamanov died.
1988 - as a result of  the first wave of ethnic cleansing of Armenian separatists thousands Azerbaijanis were forced to flee their homes.
1988 - the massive deportation of Azerbaijani population living in the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic has began 
2001 - Azerbaijan Republic became  a full member of the Council of Europe.
2001 - Azerbaijan became a full member of the Council of Europe.
2001, 25 January – Azerbaijan became a full-fledged member of the Council of Europe
2005 – at Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe a resolution was adopted on the report prepared by the rapporteur on Nagorno-Garabagh conflict, David Atkinson (United Kingdom) 

January 26
1863 - the famous Azerbaijani scientist, philosopher and literary critic Firudin bey Kocharli  was born in Shusha.
1990- units of the Soviet army continuing the punishment action against Azerbaijan entered   Neftchala and Lankaran.

January 27
1906 - the well-known scientific figure, doctor of historical sciences Sara Ashurbeyli was born in Baku.
1906 - A well-known historian, scientist Sara Asurbəyli (1906-2001) was born.
1911 - the outstanding scientist in the field of oil-field work Ayyub Tagiyev was born
1912 - the famous oilman, Professor Eyyub Tagiyev (1912-1967) was born.
1925 - the poet and translator Adil Babayev was born.
1932- popular performer of nagara, raised it to the level of solo instrument, Chingiz Mehdiyev was born.
1950 - The military man, Colonel-General Safar Akhundbala oglu Abiyev was born in Baku.
1995 - Azerbaijan\'s President Heydar Aliyev went to Switzerland to participate for the first time at the World Economic Forum (Davos Forum). 
2003 - President Ilham Aliyev, head of the Azerbaijani delegation to PACE, was elected as  vice-president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and Bureau member.
2003, 27th January - Ilham Aliyev, was elected as Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) and a member of the bureau.

January 28
1828 - Army of tsarist Russia occupied the city of Urmia in South Azerbaijan at war with  Iran (1826-1828)
1828 - Russian troops captured the city of Urmia in the South Azerbaijan 
1908 - the famous chemist, scientist, academician Murtuza Nagiyev was born.
1919 - Armenian-Dashnak robber bands burned Zagaly village (now in the territory of Dashkasan) of the province Ganja.
1923 - the first issue of the magazine Azerbaijan, having an important place in the history of the socio-political and literary ideas, was published. 
1923 - Education and culture” (Maarif ve medeniyyet) magazine has been published.
1930 - one of the prominent representatives of the announcing profession Aydin Garadagly  was born.
1992 - In the course of Garabagh war Armenian armed forces have done a terrible act of terrorism against the peaceful people of Azerbaijan. 
1992 - passenger helicopter  flying from Aghdam to Shusha was hit by the Armenian terrorists. 
1994 - January 20 events were discussed in Parliament.
2002, 28th January - U.S. President temporarily suspended Amendment 907, which restricted    every kind of assistance at state level, as well as humanitarian aids
January 29
1908 - the well-known educator, honored teacher, publicist and writer Jamo Jabrayılbeyli was born in Shamakhy 
1925  - the outstanding representative of Azerbaijani sport, international soccer referee Tofik Bahramov was born  
1925 - Judge of the famous Azerbaijani football Tofik Bahramov (1925-1993) was born.
1925 - Memorial Day of one of the well-known theater artists, honored art worker Mammad Kasimov. 
1927 - well-known ballet-dancer, popular artist  Leyla Vekilova was born in Baku.
1927 - People\'s Artist of Azerbaijan, the famous ballet-dancer Leyla Vekilova (1927-1999) was born.
1942 - Soviet Union, Great Britain and Iran signed an agreement on an alliance against Nazi Germany.
1991 - The first inter-governmental cooperation agreement signed between Turkey and Azerbaijan.
2004 - After the death of President Heydar Aliyev, ANS Group of Companies and Chingiz Mustafayev Foundation arranged a ceremony of awarding the demised with award in the name of Man of the Year 2003 .
January 30
1872 - Azerbaijan singer Mashadi Mammad Farzaliyev was born in Shusha. 
1936 - critical and literary critic, doctor of philological sciences Araz Dadashzade was born.
1992 - diplomatic relations established between Azerbaijan and Korean People\'s Democratic Republic.
1992 - the customs service of an independent Azerbaijan was established.
1992 – in Prague the meting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of member countries of the CSCE (OSCE since January 1, 1995) was held.  
1992 - diplomatic relations were established between Azerbaijan and the Korean People\'s Democratic Republic of (North Korea).
1998 - President Heydar Aliyev signed a decree on celebration of the 80th anniversary.
Republic of Azerbaijan.
 2002 - President Heydar Aliyev went to New York to attend annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.
2003 – in Baku, Azerbaijan and Ukraine signed a military cooperation agreement.
2006, 30 January - by the decree of the Republic of Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism Ministry functioned up to that time, were abolished and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic was established on those basis. 
2006, 30 January – by the order of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev  Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established on the basis of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic. 

January 31
1830- the famous singer Haji Husi was born in Shusha.
1884 - One of the founders of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, a prominent political figure, Mohammed Amin Rasulzade (1884-1955) was born in Novkhany village of Baku. 
1884-  a well-known statesman, the founder of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic Mammad Amin Rasulzade was born. 
1902-  an earthquake occurred in old capital city of Shirvan, Shamakhi 
1902 - A strong earthquake occurred in Shamakhi causing great destruction and deaths (hundreds of people) , the majority of the population had to leave the city.
1910- well-known theater and film actor, the USSR People\'s Artist Alesker Alekperov was born.
1924 - the famous Azerbaijani poet Ali Tuda was born.
1992 - Diplomatic relations were established between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Ukraine.
2006 - Chingiz Mustafayev Foundation and ANS Group of Companies awarded MP Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva, the President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador with reward “Man of the Year 2005”

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