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April 1
1911 - a prominent critic, literary critic, academic Abbas Zamanov was born  
1916 - Poet, Enver Aliverdi oglu Alibayli was born.
1953 - A well-known writer and journalist, public figure, A. Abbas (Aqil, Mahammad oglu Abbasov) was born in the village of Kolal of Agjabadi region. Since 2005 he is a Deputy of the National Assembly.
1954 - Opera singer, theater worker Ahmed Bashir oglu Badalbeyli died.
1981 - The representative of Azerbaijan literature of XX century, the poet, public figure Rasul Rza died. 1992 - Diplomatic relations were established between Azerbaijan and the Kingdom of Holland. Holland recognized the independence of Azerbaijan on December 31, 1991.
1994 - The delegation of the Commonwealth of Independent States Inter-Parliamentary Assembly arrived in Baku on the initiative to achieve a cease-fire at the Armenian-Azerbaijani front.

April 2
1870 - one of the representatives of 20th century literature, the well-known poet of Azerbaijan, Azer Buzovnaly was born. 
1992 - Republic of Azerbaijan has established diplomatic relations with People\'s Republic of China (the country\'s independence was recognized in December 27, 1991), Denmark and Greece (both recognized independence of our country in December 31, 1991) 
1993 - Armenian armed forces after a week long (March 27) large-scale attack  occupied Kelbajar region.
1997 - Defense Committee Chairman of Russian State Duma Lev Rokhlin had reported about secret arms sales from Russia to Armenia (in 1 billion USD). The report caused a great scandal in Russian political circles. Azerbaijan asked from Russia for an explanation regarding the secret sale of weapons to Armenia, and relations between the two countries deteriorated.

April 3
628 – peace was reached between Sassanid and Byzantine empires battling for North Azerbaijani territories (Albania).
1839 - Prominent public and political figure Alakbar Rafibeyli was born 
1908 - A well-known scientist, the first Azerbaijani scientist-philosopher, academician Heydar Huseynov (1908-1950) was born.
1916 - the honored teacher, the leading educational figure of Azerbaijan Sona Tagiyeva was born.
2001 - The U.S. State Department issued an official statement on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict before the Armenia-Azerbaijan talks in Key West of Florida.

April 4
1913 - Well-known actor, People\'s Artist Ali Yusif oglu Zeynalov (1913 - 6.1.1988) was born.
1920 - People\'s Artist, tar performer Haji Mammadov (1920-1981) was born.
1935 - People\'s Artist Mukhtar Maniyev was born in Baku. 
1992 - the protocol was signed between Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation on the establishment of diplomatic relations 
1992 - Azerbaijan established diplomatic relations with the Arab Republic of Egypt.
1997 - The National Assembly applied to President Boris Yeltsin,  the chairman of the State Duma Gennady Seleznyev and Chairman of  Federation Council Yegor Stroyev in connection with the secret sale of Russian weapons to Armenia, and required to clarify the issue.

April 5
1909 - Well-known composer Asef Zeynalli (1909-1932) was born in Shusha.
1993 - Diplomatic relations were established between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Malaysia.
2004 - Azerbaijan established diplomatic relations with Chad and East Timor.

April 6
1620- trade relations established between Russia and Safavid state 
1717 - Well-known poet, statesman Molla Panah Vagif was born in the village of Girakh Salahli of Gazakh region
April 6, 1920 - the Government of Azerbaijan has prepared a draft law to send to Europe and the United States 6-person diplomatic delegation and gave it to the parliament discussion 
1920 - the armed uprising in Tabriz, headed by Sheikh Mohammed Khiyabani started.
1939 - A well-known film director, People\'s artist Tofig Hussein oglu Ismailov was born. 
1993 – at UN Security Council meeting Security Council adopted a statement of the Chairman 
in connection with the intensification of the situation in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict zone (after the occupation of Kalbajar) 
1995 - Diplomatic relations were established between Azerbaijan and Panama. Panama recognized our country\'s independence on January 3, 1992.  

April 7
1506 - Shah Ismail Khatai had established library of Tabriz.
1890- Well-known musical figure, honored artist, tar performer Mammadkhan Bakikhanov was born.
1906 - first number of the first of the satirical publication of Azerbaijan  Molla Nasreddin magazine was published.
1912 - Hero of the Soviet Union Najafgulu Rafiyev was born. 
1920 - a rebellion launched in Tabriz, headed by Sheikh Mohammed Khiyabani.
1930 - A well-known journalist, Azad Sharif (1930-2009) was born.
1959 - National writer Chingiz Abdullaev was born.
1992 – diplomatic relations were established between Governments of Azerbaijan and Israel.
2001 - The four day talks in Key West (U.S.) between President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev and Robert Kocharian of Armenia ended with no results.

April 8
1872 - poet Haji Karim Sanyly was born 
1905 - poet, literary critic and translator Jafar Remzi was born 
1929 – by the decision of the VI Congress of the all-Azerbaijan Soviet the new territorial-administrative units – daire were established.
1992 - The acting President Yaqub Mammadov has issued a decree on introduction of direct president rule in surrounding regions of Nagorno-Garabakh and in regions bordering with Armenia.
2000 - The 6th summit of the Turkic-speaking heads of state was held in Baku.
2000 – 1300th year anniversary of “Dede Qrqud» epos was celebrated in Baku with great festivities.  
2003 – The construction of Azerbaijan part of Baku-Tbilisi-Jeyhan main export pipeline has began 

April 9
1126 - outstanding representative of classical Azerbaijani literature, a poet Khagani Shirvani (1126-1199) was born in Shamakhi.
1918 - Transcaucasian Seim delegation negotiated with the Turkish (Ottoman) state in Trabzon on Brest-Litovsk Treaty (Bolshevik Russia signed a separate treaty with Germany to get out of the First World War.
1905 - poet, literary critic and translator Jafar Remzi was born.
1920 - Armenian armed forces committed massacres against the Azerbaijani population under the command of Dashnak Dro in the Gazakh region (Askipara, Farahli, Baganis Ayrim and other villages).
1946 - famous film actor and director Jeyhun Mirzayev was born in Abdalgulablı  village of Aghdam region.
1994 - Armenian armed force launched a new attack on Goranboy, Aghdam and Aghdara.
2000 – 1300th year anniversary of  Dede Qrqud» epos was celebrated  in Baku with great festivities.  
2001 – after completion of negotiations on Garabakh in Key West (Florida) of USA Azerbaijani and Armenian Presidents  Heydar Aliyev and Robert Kocharian  came to Washington and met with U.S. President George Bush separately.
1997 - the Security Council  was established under President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Security Council is a consultative body to the President.
2009 - President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on the establishment of professional holiday “The constructor Day” on April 10

April 10
1470 – the great artist of Azerbaijan, classic of world art Sultan Mohammed Nizameddin was born.
1840 – in the territory of Azerbaijan, Baku, Garabakh, Guba, Balakan, Elizavetpol, Nakhichevan, Talysh, Sheki and Shirvan regions had been established.
1906 - the well-known Azerbaijani scientist, doctor of physical-mathematical sciences, professor Abbasgulu Abbaszadeh was born in Tabriz.
1918 - Transcaucasian Seim delegation negotiated with the Turkish (Ottoman) state in Trabzon on Brest-Litovsk Treaty (Bolshevik Russia signed a separate treaty with Germany to get out of the First World War.
1923 - the famous writer Salam Gadirzade was born in 
1997 - the Security Council  was established under President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Security Council is a consultative body to the President.
1998 On protection of historical and cultural monuments of Azerbaijan Republic was adopted in the law.
2009 - President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on the establishment of professional holiday “The constructor Day” on April 10

April 11
1635 – in the course of next Safavid-Ottoman War (1623-1639), Turkish troops took back the fortress of Irevan.
1840 - Tsar Nicholas I  signed a laws On institutions for the administration of land on the South Caucasus
1889  - the well-known writer of Azerbaijan and publicist Tagi Shahbazi was born 
1907 - the first number of , Hamiyyat a weekly political newspaper in Azerbaijani language began to be published in Atrakhan.
1908 - the outstanding Azerbaijani scientist, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences, academician Musa Aliyev was born.
2002 - protocol on military cooperation  was signed in Baku between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Georgia

April 12
1803 – in Tbilisi, Georgia, “Oath agreement” and conditions of annexing of Jar-Balakan to Russia has been signed.
1889 - People\'s artist, famous singer Seid Shushinski (1889-1965) was born.
1903 - Eastern-Russian newspaper, which played an important role in the Azerbaijani press development and development of socio-political idea published in Tbilisi.
1907 - A well-known folklore scientist, playwright Mammadhuseyn Tahmasib (1907-1982) was born.
1914 – “Bashirat” weekly political, social, economic and literary newspaper began publication in Azerbaijan.
1995 – at course of visit of Turkish Prime Minister Tansu Chiller to Baku an agreement  was signed regarding transferring of Azerbaijan\'s   5 percent interest in Contract of the Century to Turkey (TPAO company).

April 13
1918 - after the ending of Trabzon conference resultless the Trans-Caucasian Seimi made a decision to declare war to stop the march of the Ottoman troops.
1993 - The U.S. State Department had announced for the first time Washington\'s official position on the Nagorno-Garabakh conflict.
1994 - Armenian terrorists have committed a bloody campaign against Azerbaijan.
2004 - Azerbaijan\'s President Ilham Aliyev went on the first official visit to Turkey 

April 14
1870 - statesman, writer and publicist, educator Nariman Narimanov (1870-1925) was born.
1907 - People\'s artist Fatma Qadri (1907-1968) was born.
1919 - under the leadership of Nasib bey Usubbeyli 4th government the Democratic Republic was organized.
1929 - the famous poet, honored art worker Tofiq Mutalibov was born 
1952- TV reporter Ali Mustafayev was born.
1993 - on behalf of Great Britain, Pakistan and Egypt a statement condemning the occupation of Kalbajar by Armenian forces and the calling to stop the war in Karabakh was announced.

April 15
1395 - on the bank of the river Terek (Daghestan), the battle between Amir Timur and the troops of the ruler of the Golden Horde – Toktamish ended with the victory of the first 
1905 - Architect, architectural historian Sadiq Alekper oglu Dadashov (1905-1946) was born.
1907 - A well-known painter, the first chairman of the Azerbaijan Union of Artists of Sciences Ismail Hussein oglu Akhundov was born.
1917 - Congress of Muslims of the Caucasus began in Baku. The Congress was the fist attempt since the fall of tsarism in Russia (May Revolution) in the direction of declaration of the national independence. 1920 - Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic Republic Fatali khan Khoyski sent a note to head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Chicherin for clarification of deploying of the Russian army XI near the borders with Azerbaijan (Derbent) 
1928 - Poet of the South Azerbaijan Sahand (Bulud Garachorlu Sahand, 1928-1979) was born in Tabriz.
1993 - U.S. Embassy in Azerbaijan started its functioning. Ambassador Hafiz Pashayev presented his diplomatic credentials to President Bill Clinton  

April 16
1906 - Dabistan enlightenment journal began publication in Baku 
1910- Hero of the Soviet Union Habibulla Huseynov was born.
1992 - Azerbaijan and Mongolia (our country\'s independence was recognized on December 20, 1991) established diplomatic relations.
1993 – in connection with the occupation of Kalbajar by Armenian forces  the military and socio-political situation in republic has become aggravated.
2003 - head, of the Greek-Orthodox Church of Istanbul, (the, the center of the world Orthodoxy during the Byzantine period) patriarch Bartholomew I arrived in Azerbaijan.
2004 – meeting of Azerbaijani and Armenian foreign ministers was held in Prague (Czech Republic) with the participation of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs.

April 17
1884 - Composer Zulfugar Hajibeyov (1884-1950) was born.
1899 - Famous Turkic scholar, orientalist scholar Ahmad Jafaroglu (1899-1976) was born in Ganja.
1928 - USSR People\'s Artist Lutfiyar Imanov (1928-2008) was born.
1938 - State worker, doctor of philosophical sciences, academician Ramiz Mehdiyev was born in Baku.
1994 - all national emergency  meeting under the chairmanship of  Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev was held in connection with critical situation at Armenian – Azerbaijani borderline front 
1999 - The Baku-Supsa (Georgia, Black Sea) oil pipeline was put into operation.
1894 - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Adila Shahtakhtinskaya was born.

April 18
1870 - singer, one of the outstanding performers of mugham Majid  Behbudov was born in Shusha
1897 - the first professional female singer, USSR People\'s Artist Shovkat Mammadova was born in Tbilisi, Georgia.
1923 - in Bibiheybat the first 6 wells stroke a fountain at Bay of joy.
1991 - Well-known poet and translator Tofiq Bayram died.
2001 - President Heydar Aliyev signed an order in connection with structural reforms in public administration.
2003 - President Heydar Aliyev stated in the meeting with co-chair of USA in NATO Committee with Mr. Bruce Jackson that in the future Azerbaijan is going to be a member of the North Atlantic Alliance.

April 19
1907 - People\'s Artist, composer, musician Afrasiyab Badalbeyli was born.
1905 - The famous architect Mikail Huseynov (1905-1992) was born in Baku.
1991 – the curfew imposed in Baku since 20th January 1990 was lifted.
1995 – at the Gulistan Palace, the  documents were signed in regard of passing 5% from share of Azerbaijan in  Contract of the Century  (contract dated Sep 20, 1994 for  developing of  Azeri, Chirag, Gunashli” fields) to the U.S. Exxon company.

April 20
1827 – at course of war with Iran (1826-1828) the oncoming Russian troops in the south of Azerbaijan had captured Khudaferin Bridge over the Araz River (Jabrayil region).
1885 - A well-known pediatrician, professor with significant services in the health system Abulfaz Garayev (1885-1952) was born.
1894 - people\'s artist, actor and director Reza Abbasgulu oglu Tahmasib (1894-1980) was born.
1906 - Honored Art Worker, the first female musician, Khurshid Hasan bey kizi Agayeva (1906 - 3.12.1953) was born. She taught the music at the State Conservatory.
1907 - People\'s Poet M. Rahim (1907 - 6.5.1977) was born. He is an author of On Leningrad skies, In Apsheron land poems. He translated the works of Russian poets in our language.
1916 - People\'s Artist, a prominent representative of the national theater arts Nasiba Jahangir kizi Zeynalova was born (1916 - 10.03.2004).
1920 - The writer and playwright, author of a number of works for children Khanumana Sabir kizi Alibayli (1920 - 2007) was born.
1926 - the famous tar player Alikram Hasan oglu Huseynov (1926 - 2006) was born.
1929 - Writer, doctor of philological sciences, professor Chingiz Hussein oglu Huseynov was born.
1944 - the well-known representative of art of singing of Azerbaijan Jabbar Garyagdioglu (31.3.1861 - 1944) died.
1991 - Supreme Soviet deputies, well-known scientists Aydin Mammadov and Dilara Aliyeva were killed in a car accident while returning from meeting with voters in Gakh region 
1992 - Diplomatic relations established between Azerbaijan and Estonia.
1997 - President Heydar Aliyev signed a decree on celebration of 1300th anniversary 
of Dede Korkut with wide range. 
2004 - Diplomatic relations were established between Azerbaijan and Paraguay.

April 21
1408 - Battle of Sardrud (the village near Tabriz) troops of Garagoyunlu state Gara Yusif had defeated troops of Teymurlang’s son Miranshah and self Miranshah was killed at battle.
1709 - one of the outstanding representatives of 18th century Azerbaijani literature Molla Vali Vidadi was born.
1841 - the well-known businessman, oil industry man and public figure Shamsi Asadullayev was born.
1915 - first issue of the weekly satirical magazine Babayi - Amir was published 
1931 - People\'s Artist, pianist Tamilla Zahid kizi Mahmudova was born in Baku.
1978 - the new Constitution of Azerbaijan SSR was adopted at the Supreme Soviet session
1995 - The OSCE Minsk Group co-chair Sweden has been replaced by Finland.

April 22
1831 - the uprising against Tsarist Russia in Talysh (Lankaran) Khanate was defeated.
1905 - Life- Hayat newspaper played an important role in social and political history of Azerbaijani press began publication.
1911 - a well-known master of the brush, the peoples artist Huseyn Alirza oglu Aliyev (1911 - 25.5.1991) was born in present-day Armenia, in Western Azerbaijan, in village of Jomardli  of Sisian region.
1918 - Azerbaijani, Armenian and Georgian deputies of Trans-Caucasia seim proclaimed establishment of Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic with capital in Tbilis.
1920 - Organization of the 6th cabinet of government of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic failed.
1940 – folklore scholar, critic, publicist Cherkez Ali oglu Guliyev was born.
1942 - The famous actor, a master of literary reading, film director, Hasan Abluj was born in Tabriz. 
1996 – at course of visit of President Heydar Aliyev to Brussels an agreement on partnership and cooperation between the European Union and the Republic of Azerbaijan was signed.

April 23
1865 - Well-known military man, artillery Lieutenant-General Ali Agha Shikhlinski (1865-1943) was born in Gazakhly village of Gazakh area.
1918 - Armenians committed terror in Guba against the Muslim population.
1932 - Union of Writers of Azerbaijan was set up.
1967 - People\'s Artist Maleyka Alifaga kizi Asadova was born in Neftchala region.
1996 - Azerbaijan\'s President Heydar Aliyev signed presentation document in Brussels on joining the NATO\'s Partnership for Peace program. 
2002 – at Turkmenistan\'s capital Ashgabat, the first summit of heads of Caspian Sea littoral states for the determination of the legal status was started.
2007 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan issued a statement protesting on revision of Report on Human Rights issued by the U.S. State Department in section dedicated to Garabakh.

April 24
1866 – outstanding culture and education worker, writer and publicist Sultanmajid Haji Murtuzali oglu  Ganizade (1866-1942) was born in Shamakhi.
1872 - writer, publicist, teacher, Omar Faiq Nemanzade (1872-1937) was born in Azqur province of. Ahiska (Akhalsıkh) region. 
1877 - Tsarist Russia in order to strengthen their position in the Caucasus and the Balkans began a next war with the Ottoman Empire.
1902 - People\'s Artist Ismail Osmanly (1902 - 22.6.1978) was born in Sheki.
1909- the poet Abdulla Farooq was born.
1968 - on the initiative the world-famous singer Rashid Behbudov the Song Theatre was established in Baku.
1999 - the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev and Robert Kocharian met with mediation of U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright at summit on the occasion of 50th anniversary NATO summit in Washington.

April 25
1841 -by the decision of the Chief Executive of the Council of the Caucasus Main dept of the tsarist Russia Azerbaijani beys and aghas’ lands were confiscated in Kazakh,  Samshaddil and Borchali regions and their property  were confiscated.
1905 - A well-known literary scientist, professor, poet, translator Mikail Hasan oglu Refili (1905 - 25.4.1958) was born in the village of Borsunlu of Goranboy region. 
1911 - Honored Artist Elmira Akhundova (1911 - 26.11.1998) was born. She created interesting characters in performance and operettas (Asya in “Arshin ma alan”) 
1914 - People\'s Artist, Mahamamd Ismail oglu Burjaliyev (1914-25.11.1994) was born in Sheki.
1918 - Baku Soviet” was established under the chairmanship of Stepan Shaumyan, the government seized power in Baku the Soviet of People\'s Commissars. From history we know that so called “The 26 Baku commissars was eager to sovietize Azerbaijan by the assignment of Lenin.
1919 - The Russian population in the south began fuelled by the Bolsheviks, began to revolt against the People\'s Republic..
1925 - Nasir Mammadhuseyn Rustam oglu Aliyev (1925 -1994) was born.
1957 - People\'s Artist, a well-known film actress Hamida Omarova was born.
1997 - Azerbaijan joined the European Cultural Convention.
1999 – in Washington, within the framework of the meetings with presidents of Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova within the NATO summit, Uzbekistan joined the GUAM group of co-operation.

April 27
1906 – in 1st State Duma parliament of the Russian Empire started its work in Saint-Petersburg. As elections in Azerbaijan in May, so the deputies from Azerbaijan joined in the work of the Duma later. 
1920 - Bolshevik Russia\'s 11th Army entered Baku.
1940 – literary scientist Bahlul Agabala oglu Abdullayev (Bahlul Abdullah) was born.
1943 - the well-known translator and journalist, Golden Pen Award winner Natiq Safarov was born.
1951 - A well-known kamancha player, honored artist Adalat Safarali oglu Vezirov (1951 - 5.10.2002) was born.
1992 - Diplomatic relations were established between Azerbaijan and Hungary.
2001, April 26-27, - VII  summit of the heads of the Turkic-speaking countries held in Istanbul
2007 - World-famous musician, cellist, conductor, People\'s Artist of USSR Mstislav Leopoldovich Rostropovich (27.3.1927, Baku - 2007, Moscow) died.
87 years ago - on April 27, 1920, Bolshevik Russia’s 11th Army entered the territory of Azerbaijan.

April 29
1916 - The composer, honored art worker Adila Hajaga kizi Huseynzade (1916-2005) was born.
1918 - Armenian-Dashnak robber bands carried out the massacre of Azerbaijani Turks in the vicinity of the city Gyumri (then Alexandropol). 
1919 - A well-known film director, Honored Art Worker of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan Ajdar Mutallim oglu Ibrahimov (1919 - 20.9.1993) was born.
1992 - Azerbaijan established diplomatic relations with the South African Republic
1993 - the Organization of Islamic Conference adopted a resolution condemning the occupation of Azerbaijani lands and Armenia\'s military aggression.
2002 – in the city of Trabzon a summit with the participation of Presidents of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia, Ahmet Necdet Sezer, Heydar Aliyev and Eduard Shevardnadze was held on security issues.
2004 - President Ilham Aliyev made a speech at the spring session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

April 30
1937 - the premiere of “”Koroglu” opera of the great composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov was staged.
1993 - The UN Security Council has adopted a resolution 822 number in regard of occupation of Kalbajar by Armenian armed forces
2009 - terror incident in Azerbaijan State Oil Academy

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